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    volume editors, Barbara A. Centeno, Jasreman Dhillon.
    Summary: "This book provides a comprehensive review of entities that may be encountered in pancreatic cytology. It is designed for cytotechnologists, pathology trainees, pathologists, and cytopathologists. It is also a useful guide for advanced endoscopists performing EUS-guided FNA, and surgeons and oncologists treating patients with pancreatic disease wanting to understand their pathology reports"-- Provided by publisher.

    Introduction to pancreatic pathology and fine-needle aspiration cytology / Dhillon, J.
    Processing of fine-needle aspiration specimens from pancreatic lesions / Dhillon, J.
    Imaging of pancreatic tumors / Morse, B., Klapman, J.
    Normal components and contaminants / Dhillon, J.
    Non-neoplastic masses of the pancreas / Centeno, B.A., Thomas, S.
    Non-neoplastic and neoplastic cysts of the pancreas / Centeno, B.A., Thomas, S.
    Pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma / Betancourt, M., Dhillon, J.
    Non-ductal tumors of the pancreas / Dhillon, J.
    Metastases, secondary tumors, and lymphomas of the pancreas / Centeno, B.A.
    Mesenchymal tumors of the pancreas / Dhillon, J.
    Digital Access Karger 2020