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    David J. Gawkrodger and Michael R. Ardern-Jones.
    Summary: "Dermatology: An Illustrated Colour Text is an ideal resource for today's medical student, hospital resident, specialty registrar in dermatology or internal medicine, specialist nurse or family doctor. It presents the subject as a series of two page 'learning units', each covering important aspects of clinical dermatology. These units use an unsurpassed collection of colour clinical photographs of all major dermatological conditions, concise yet comprehensive text and Key Point boxes to aid quick access to information and examination preparation. They incorporate summaries of the essential skin biology and associated basic sciences that underpin clinical practice, as well as advice on established and emerging dermatological treatments. Guidance is also given to dermatological emergencies, and to the most useful online resources for updates and further reference. Building on previous success, this seventh edition has been fully revised throughout"--Publisher's description.

    Dermatology: An Illustrated Colour Text, Seventh Edition
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    -- Microanatomy of the skin
    Derivatives of the skin
    Physiology of the skin
    Biochemistry of the skin
    Inflammation, immunity and the skin
    Molecular genetics and the skin
    Terminology of skin lesions
    Taking a history
    Examining the skin
    Practical clinic procedures
    Basics of medical therapy: topical treatments
    Basics of medical therapy: systemic medication, other treatments, monitoring and scoring systems
    Epidemiology of skin disease
    Body image, the psyche and the skin
    Psoriasis: epidemiology, pathophysiology and presentation
    Psoriasis: topical treatment and disease complications
    Psoriasis: systemic treatments
    Eczema: acute, chronic and irritant
    Eczema: allergic contact dermatitis and patch testing
    Eczema: atopic eczema
    Eczema: other forms
    Lichenoid eruptions
    Papulosquamous eruptions
    Bacterial infection: staphylococcal and streptococcal
    Other bacterial infections
    Viral infections: warts and other viral infections
    Viral infections: herpes simplex and herpes zoster
    Human immunodeficiency virus disease and immunodeficiency syndromes
    Fungal infections
    Yeast infections and related disorders
    Tropical infections and infestations
    Sebaceous and sweat glands: acne
    Sebaceous and sweat glands: rosacea and other disorders
    Disorders of hair
    Disorders of nails
    Vascular and lymphatic diseases
    Leg ulcers
    Blistering disorders
    Connective tissue diseases: lupus erythematosus and systemic sclerosis
    Vasculitis and the reactive erythemas
    Skin changes in internal conditions
    Drug eruptions
    Associations with malignancy
    Keratinization and blistering syndromes
    Neurocutaneous disorders and other syndromes
    Benign tumours: epidermal and dermal
    Benign tumours: dermal structures and appendages
    Skin cancer: premalignant disorders
    Skin cancer: basal cell carcinoma
    Skin cancer: squamous cell carcinoma
    Skin cancer: malignant melanoma
    Cutaneous T-cell lymphomas, B-cell lymphomas and malignant dermal tumours
    Ageing and photoageing of the skin
    Biologics: their use in skin disease
    Basic dermatological surgery
    Advanced dermatological surgery
    Cosmetics and cosmetic procedures
    Paediatric dermatology: childhood eczemas and other dermatoses
    Paediatric dermatology: vascular naevi and dermatoses of the newborn
    The skin in old age
    The skin in pregnancy
    Genitourinary infections
    Female genital dermatoses
    Male genital dermatoses and perianal skin diseases
    Skin disease in people of colour
    Occupation and the skin
    Immunological tests.
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