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    André Braz, Thais Sakuma.
    Summary: "In-depth and detailed knowledge of anatomy, different facial shapes, and ethnic origins is essential to delivering safe, effective, natural, and harmonious aesthetic facial treatment results. Dermal Fillers: Facial Anatomy and Injections Techniques is the culmination of many years of expertise decrypting facial anatomy as it applies to aesthetic enhancement of the face. This visually rich atlas is authored by internationally renowned Brazilian dermatologists André Vieira Braz, an esteemed expert in the use of botulinum toxin, fillers, and lasers; and Thais Sakuma, a distinguished lecturer in the application of botulinum toxin and hyaluronic acid fillers. Nineteen highly practical, concise, and didactic chapters are organized consistently with structured text at the beginning of each chapter. The book encompasses the application of injection techniques for the full spectrum of indications, from softening wrinkles to facial contouring. Important topics include facial assessment, hyaluronic acid science, facial aging, and regional nerve blocks for pain management. Meticulous anatomic descriptions and images depict the relationships between superficial and deeper structures such as vasculature, thereby providing vital knowledge to help clinicians avoid potentially serious complications"-- Provided by publisher.

    Facial Assessment
    Anatomy of the Face
    Biophysical Properties of Hyaluronic Acid
    Anatomy of the Aging Process
    Anesthetic Block
    Filler Injection of the Temporal Region
    Filler Injection of the Eyebrows
    Filler Injection of the Forehead
    Filler Injection of the Glabella
    Filler Injection of the Malar and Zygomatic Regions
    Filler Injection of the Nasojugal Groove and Palpebromalar Groove
    Filler Injection of the Nasolabial Fold
    Filler Injection of the Submalar Triangle
    Filler Injection of the Nose
    Filler Injection of the Preauricular Region and the Earlobe
    Filler Injection of the Lips, Oral Commissure, and Mentolabial Sulcus
    Filler Injection of the Chin and Mandible Contour
    Complications and Adverse Effects
    Risk Areas.
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