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    Dhiraj Kumar, Mohammad Shahid, editors.
    Summary: This book reviews the latest research on bioproducts from various economically important insects, such as silkworms, honey bees, lac and drosophila, and termites, and discusses their general, biomedical and industrial applications in detail. It includes chapters focusing on insects as a food source, probiotics, silk-based biomaterials, insect pheromones, insects as biomedicine source, pupa oil chemistry, non-protein compounds from Lepidopteran insects, insect chitin and chitosan, polyphenols and flavonoids. Model insects like Bombyx mori or bees were domesticated in Asian countries thousands of years ago. Over time, natural products from these animals became industrialized and today they attracting increasing attention thanks to their sustainability and their manifold applications in agriculture and biomedicine. The book is intended for entomologists, material scientists, natural product researchers and biotechnologists. .

    1. Polyphenols and flavonoids from honey: Biological applications
    2. Chemistry and application of lac and its by-products
    3. Silk: an amazing biomaterial for future medication
    4. Insect Chitin and Chitosan: Structure, Properties, Production and Implementation Prospective
    5. Recent advances in the arthropod natural product chemistry
    6. Silkworm: A Unique Creature for Natural Products
    7. Present and future prospects on nutritious feeding using insects
    8. Insect Pheromones and its applications in management of pest population
    9. Non-Protein chemical compounds from Lepidopteran insect cocoons. .
    Digital Access Springer 2020