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    Elena Aikawa, Joshua D. Hutcheson, editors.
    Summary: The book covers the basic science and clinical aspects of cardiovascular calcification and bone mineralization. Cardiovascular calcification is the leading predictor of cardiovascular morbidity and mortality, with a predictive value more significant than blood lipid levels. The presence of calcific mineral in cardiovascular tissues alters biomechanical performance, increasing workload on the heart and potentiating atherosclerotic plaque rupture and subsequent heart attack and stroke. This book examines the role of calcification in cardiovascular disease covering topics such as calcification in the atherosclerotic plaques and aortic valves arteries and valves, aortic valve replacement, peripheral artery disease, imaging of early calcification and target discovery. In addition, various forms of ectopic calcification as well as mechanisms of bone mineralization are discussed. Cardiovascular Calcification and Bone Mineralization is an essential resource for clinicians, researchers, and other medical professionals in cardiology, pathology, and biomedical engineering.

    Part I. Cardiovascular Calcification
    Chapter 1. The History of Cardiovascular Calcification
    Chapter 2. Basic Pathology of Arterial and Valvular Calcification in Humans
    Chapter 3. Developmental Pathways and Aortic Valve Calcification
    Chapter 4. Differential Mechanisms of Arterial and Valvular Calcification
    Chapter 5. Calcifying Extracellular Vesicles: Biology, Characterization, and Mineral Formation
    Chapter 6. Role of Biomechanical Stress and Mechanosensitive miRNAs in Calcific Aortic Valve Disease
    Chapter 7. The Role of Chronic Kidney Disease in Ectopic Calcification
    Chapter 8. The Role of Calcification in Peripheral Artery Disease
    Chapter 9. Bioprosthetic Heart Valve Calcification: Clinicopathologic Correlations, Mechanisms, and Prevention
    Part II. Ectopic Calcification
    Chapter 10. Electron Microscopy for the Characterization of Soft Tissue Mineralization
    Chapter 11. Cardiovascular Calcification in Hutchinson-Gilford Progeria and Correlation with Age-Related Degenerative Calcification
    Chapter 12. Calcinosis in Scleroderma
    Chapter 13. Placental Calcification: Long-standing Questions and New Biomedical Research Directions
    Chapter 14. Heterotopic Ossification Following Traumatic Blast Injury
    Part III. Bone Mineralization
    Chapter 15. The Paradoxical Relationship Between Skeletal and Cardiovascular Mineralization
    Chapter 16. Cellular Contributors to Bone Homeostasis
    Chapter 17. Bone Biology, Modeling, Remodeling, and Mineralization
    Chapter 18. Osteoclasts in Cardiovascular Calcification
    Part IV. Imaging, Treatment, and Target Discovery
    Chapter 19. Imaging Cardiovascular Calcification Activity with 18F-Fluoride PET
    Chapter 20. The Role of Elastin Degradation in Vascular Calcification: Possibilities to Repair Elastin and Reverse Calcification
    Chapter 21. Clinical Trials and Calcification-Based Treatment Decisions
    Chapter 22. Surgical Versus Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement
    Chapter 23. Target Discovery in Calcification Through Omics and Systems Approaches
    Digital Access Springer 2020