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    edited by Dingzhang Chen, Minjuan Zheng.
    Summary: As a hot topic in ultrasound medicine, peripheral nerve ultrasound has its wide applications in clinical field. This book firstly introduces the anatomy of peripheral nerves, method and normal sonograms for peripheral nerve scanning. In the following chapters, common and typical cases of peripheral nerves diseases are presented with useful clinical information and relevant data, for example, ultrasound, MRI, clinical operation and pathology results. At the end of each disease, video with detailed explanation of diagnostic procedure and 2-3 bullet points in practical differential diagnosis are included to help readers taking notes. This book will be a valuable reference for physicians in ultrasound, anesthetists, neurologists, pain specialists, and practitioners interested in related field.

    Anatomy of Peripheral Nerves
    The Method of Peripheral Nerve Scanning and Normal Ultrasonogram
    Abnormal Peripheral Nerve Ultrasonogram
    Typical Cases of Peripheral Nerve
    Application and Prospect of New Ultrasonic Technology in Diagnosis and Treatment of Peripheral Nerve.
    Digital Access Springer 2020