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    Giovanni Sogari, Cristina Mora, Davide Menozzi, editors.
    Summary: This book explores one of the most discussed and investigated novel foods in recent years: edible insects. The increasing demand for alternative protein sources worldwide had led the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) to promote the potential of using insects both for feed and food, establishing a program called "Edible Insects." Although several social, environmental, and nutritional benefits of the use of insects in the human diet have been identified, the majority of the population in Western countries rejects the idea of adopting insects as food, predominantly for cultural reasons. Nevertheless, international interest in promoting the consumption of insects has grown significantly, mainly in North America and Europe. This trend is mostly due to increasing attention and involvement from the scientific network and the food and feed industries, as well as governments and their constituents. The book explores the current state of entomophagy and identifies knowledge gaps to inform primary research institutions, students, members of the private sector, and policymakers to better plan, develop, and implement future research studies on edible insects as a sustainable source of food. The case studies and issues presented in this book cover highly up-to-date topics such as aspects of safety and allergies for human consumption, final meat quality of animals fed with insects, the legislative framework for the commercialization of this novel food, and other relevant issues.

    Insects as food: risk assessment and their future perspective in Europe
    Insects as food in the Global North
    the evolution of the entomophagy movement
    How to measure consumers acceptance towards edible insects?
    A scoping review about methodological approaches
    Bugs on the menu
    Drivers and barriers of consumer acceptance of insects as food
    Sensory and consumer perspectives on edible insects
    Quality and consumer perspectives on edible insects
    Quality and consumer acceptance of products from insect-fed animals
    Potential allergenic risk of entomophagy.-Insects as food: the legal Frameword.
    Digital Access Springer 2019