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    Wei Chen, editor.
    Summary: This book introduces readers to basic studies on and applied techniques involving lactic acid bacteria, including their bioengineering and industrial applications. It summarizes recent biotechnological advances in lactic acid bacteria for food and health, and provides detailed information on the applications of these bacteria in fermented foods. Accordingly, it offers a valuable resource for researchers and graduate students in the fields of food microbiology, bioengineering, fermentation engineering, food science, nutrition and health.

    Lactic acid bacteria and #x1B;(Sd#x1B;(B-aminobutyric acid and diacetyl
    Lactic acid bacteria and conjugated fatty acids
    Lactic acid bacteria and B vitamins
    Bacteriocins of lactic acid bacteria
    Preparation techniques of lactic acid bacteria starters
    Lactic acid bacteria and fermented cereals
    Lactic acid bacteria and fermented fruit and vegetables
    Lactic acid bacteria and fermented meat products
    The Preparation technology of pharmaceutical preparations
    Lactic acid bacteria in animal breeding and aquaculture.
    Digital Access Springer 2019