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    Rajinder Peshin, Ashok K. Dhawan, editors.
    Summary: This book is an outcome of the keynote/lead papers presented by the experts from different disciplines in the Indian Ecological Society International Conference 2016 on "Natural Resource Management: Ecological Perspectives", organized at the Sher-e-Kashmir University of Agricultural Sciences and Technology of Jammu, India. The book captures the essence of natural resource management from the intra and interdisciplinary perspectives of agricultural sciences (entomology, plant pathology, plant breeding and genetics, agronomy and soil sciences), social sciences (resource economics, agricultural extension education), medical sciences, and environmental sciences to stimulate discussion on the ecological perspectives of natural resource management. Wide-ranging topics on land and water resources, biodiversity, integrated farming system, role of microbes in agriculture, climate change and its impact on human health and crop pests, exploiting chemical ecology for pest management, human disease-causing pesticides, beneficial insects like lac insects, integrated pest management, resistance management in insect pests and Bt cotton, and diffusion and adoption of ecologically sustainable technologies at individual and organizational level are covered in the book. The book will serve the professionals, researchers, academia, government, industry and students.

    1. Managing Wetland Ecosystems: A Polycentric Perspective
    Dinesh K. Marothia 2. Water Harvesting Techniques in Cold Deserts
    Chewang Norphel 3. Sustainability of Groundwater Use in Punjab Agriculture: Issues and Options
    Kamal Vatta 4. Sustainability of Himalayan Environment: Issues and Policies
    Masud. H. Wani 5. Crop Genetic Biodiversity with Special Reference to Oilseed Brassica and Wild allies: Conservation and their Utilisation
    Surinder K. Gupta 6. Integrated Farming System for Economic Upliftment of Marginal and Small Farmers
    Sohan S. Walia 7. Health Effects of Changing Environment
    Randeep Guleria 8. An Approach to Cancer Risk Assessment and Carcinogenic Potential for Three Classes of Agricultural Pesticide
    Chanda Siddoo Atwal 9. Integrated Pest Management and Climate Change: Need for Paradigm Shift
    C. Chattopadhyay 10. Role of Microbes for Plant and Soil Health Improvement
    Ambalal. N. Sabalpara 11. Exploiting Chemical Ecology for Developing Novel IPM Strategies
    Zeyaur R. Khan 12. Insect resistance to insecticides and Bt-cotton in India
    Sandhya Kranthi 13. Ecological Pest Management in 21st Century: An analysis of Challenges and future Strategies
    Dharam P. Abrol 14. Understanding the diversity in lac insects of Kerria spp. in India and the nature of insect-host plant interaction
    Kewal K. Sharma 15. Diffusion and Adoption: Factors Impacting Adoption of Sustainable Agricultural Practices
    Rajinder Peshin.
    Digital Access Springer 2019