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    edited by Andrea Bernasconi, Neda Ladbon-Bernasconi, Matthias Koepp.
    Summary: "Epilepsy is a prevalent and serious neurological disorder. This vital textbook addresses the role of neuroimaging as a unique tool to provide in vivo biomarkers aimed at furthering our understanding of causes and consequences of epilepsy in a day-to-day clinical context. Unique in its approach, this translational book presents a critical appraisal of advanced pre-clinical biomarkers that allows capturing epileptogenesis at molecular, cellular, and neuronal system levels. The book is divided into four sections. Part I includes a series of chapters focused on imaging of early disease stages. Part II discusses lesion detection and network analysis methods. Part III focuses on imaging methods used to predict response to antiepileptic drugs and surgery. Finally, Part IV presents imaging techniques used to evaluate disease consequence"--Provided by publisher.

    Part I Imaging the Development and Early Phase of the Disease;
    Chapter 1 Imaging Biomarkers for Febrile Status Epilepticus and Other Forms of Convulsive Status Epilepticus;
    Chapter 2 Experimental MRI Approaches to Study Posttraumatic Epilepsy;
    Chapter 3 Imaging Biomarkers of Acquired Epilepsies;
    Chapter 4 Imaging and Cognition in Children with New-Onset Epilepsies;
    Chapter 5 Imaging Genetics for Benign Mesial Temporal Lobe Epilepsy Part II Modeling Epileptogenic Lesions and Mapping Networks;
    Chapter 6 Computational Neuroimaging of Epilepsy;
    Chapter 7 Imaging White Matter Pathology in Epilepsy;
    Chapter 8 Network Modeling of Epilepsy Using Structural and Functional MRI;
    Chapter 9 Mapping Metabolism and Inflammation in Epilepsy;
    Chapter 10 Interictal and Ictal Brain Network Changes in Focal Epilepsy;
    Chapter 11 Ictal Events Imaged through SPECT;
    Chapter 12 Imaging Cortical and Subcortical Circuitry in Generalized Epilepsies Part III Predicting the Response to Therapeutic Interventions;
    Chapter 13 Prevention of Epileptogenesis in Animal Models
    Chapter 14 Imaging Mechanisms of Drug Resistance in Experimental Models of Epilepsy;
    Chapter 15 Biomarkers of Drug Response and Pharmacoresistance to Epilepsy;
    Chapter 16 Predicting the Outcome of Surgical Interventions for Epilepsy Using Imaging BiomarkersEpilepsy; Index. Part IV Mapping Consequences of the Disease;
    Chapter 17 Imaging Neural Excitability and Networks in Genetic Absence Epilepsy Models;
    Chapter 18 Network Excitability and Cognition in the Developing Brain;
    Chapter 19 Imaging Comorbidities in Epilepsy: Depression;
    Chapter 20 Tracking Epilepsy Disease Progression with Neuroimaging;
    Chapter 21 Imaging Biomarkers to Study Cognition in Epilepsy.
    Digital Access Cambridge 2019