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    Carlo Riccardi, Francesca Levi-Schaffer, Ekaterini Tiligada editors.
    Summary: A comprehensive overview of the current research on inflammation and immunopharmacology, with particular attention to the use of anti-inflammatory drugs, this book discusses future trends in this area of pharmacological research. It addresses an audience with basic knowledge in the inflammatory process, immune system, and pharmacology. Immunopharmacology and Inflammation meets the needs of graduate students, junior and senior researchers and is useful as a source of the most current information for those already working in these fields.

    Part 1-The Molecular Mechanisms of Inflammation
    Mediators of Inflammation
    Innate Immunity in Inflammation
    Adaptive Immunity in Inflammation
    Neural Regulation of Inflammation: Inflammation and Neurotransmitters
    Part 2-Resolution of Inflammation
    The Proresolving Mediators
    Part 3-Immunopharmacology
    Regulation of Innate Immunity in Inflammation
    Biochemistry of Neutrophil Regulation
    Immune Mechanisms in Atherosclerosis and Potential for Immune Modulation Therapies
    IL-1 Receptor Families Regulation of Immunity and Disease
    Part 4-Classical Drugs to Treat Inflammatory and Autoimmune Diseases
    Glucocorticoids Molecular Mechanisms
    Glucocorticoids Immunity and Inflammation
    Strategies and Compounds to Circumvent Glucocorticoid Induced Side Effects
    Part 5-Innovative Drugs to Treat Inflammatory Autoimmune Diseases
    Innovative Drugs for Allergy.
    Digital Access Springer 2018