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    Vijay Kumar, Kiran Dip Gill.
    Summary: This book is a practical guidebook in biochemistry, for medical as well as life sciences' students. The book covers reference values, sample collection procedure and detailed protocol to perform experiments. Each experiment starts with a brief introduction of the protocol, followed by specimen requirements and procedure. The procedures are presented in a very lucid manner and discuss details of calculations and clinical interpretations, The book is divided into 29 chapters, It offers references, general guidelines and abbreviations and provides principles and procedures of clinical biochemistry tests, along with their diagnostic importance.

    Common clinical laboratory hazards and waste disposal
    Blood collection and preservation
    Quality Control in laboratory
    Automation in clinical laboratory
    Photometry-Colorimeter and Spectrophotometer
    Preparation of general laboratory solutions and buffers
    Examination of urine for normal constituents
    To perform qualitative tests for urinary proteins
    To determine the quantity of proteins in urine sample using Biuret reaction
    To estimate the amount of total protein and albumin in serum and to find A/G ratio
    To perform qualitative test for reducing substances in urine
    Quantitative analysis of reducing sugars in urine
    Estimation of blood glucose levels by Glucose Oxidase method
    Estimation of blood glucose levels by Folin and Wu method
    To perform Glucose Tolerance Test
    Estimation of urea in serum and urine
    To determine urea clearance
    To estimate creatinine level in serum and urine by Jaffe's reaction
    To determine creatinine clearance
    To determine the uric acid concentration in serum and urine
    Estimation of total calcium in serum and urine
    Estimation of inorganic phosphorus in serum and urine
    To estimate the amount of total cholesterol in serum
    To estimate total and direct bilirubin in serum
    To determine Alanine and Aspartate Transaminases activity in serum
    To estimate the activity of alkaline phosphatase in serum
    To estimate the activity of acid phosphatase in serum
    To determine serum and urinary amylase activity
    To estimate the activity of lipase in serum
    Qualitative analysis of ketone bodies in urine
    Qualitative test for bile pigments and urobilinogen in urine
    Determination of total lactate dehydrogenase activity in serum
    To measure the activity of Creatine kinase-MB and Total Creatine kinase in serum
    Analysis of Cerebrospinal Fluid for proteins and sugars
    To analyze lipid profile from given serum sample
    To determine sodium and potassium in serum by using Flame photometry
    To perform Radioimmunoassay
    To perform Enzyme linked Immunosorbant assay
    Some important case studies.
    Digital Access Springer 2018