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    Frank M. Snowden.
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    Introduction -- Humoral medicine : the legacy of Hippocrates and Galen -- Overview of the three plague pandemics : 541 to ca. 1950 -- Plague as a disease -- Responses to plague -- Smallpox before Edward Jenner -- The historical impact of smallpox -- War and disease : Napoleon, yellow fever, and the Haitian Revolution -- War and disease : Napoleon, dysentery, and typhus in Russia, 1812 -- The Paris School of Medicine -- The sanitary movement -- The germ theory of disease -- Cholera -- Tuberculosis in the romantic era of consumption -- Tuberculosis in the unromantic era of contagion -- The third plague pandemic : Hong Kong and Bombay -- Malaria and Sardinia : uses and abuses of history -- Polio and the problem of eradication -- HIV/AIDS : an introduction and the case of South Africa -- HIV/AIDS : the experience of the United States -- Emerging and reemerging diseases -- Dress rehearsals for the twenty-first century : SARS and Ebola.