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    edited by Arthur J. Barsky, David A. Silbersweig ; associate editor, Robert J. Boland.
    The relationships between depression and medical illness / Melisa Bui, Michael Mufson, and David Gitlin
    The neurobiology of depression : an integrated systems-level, cellular-molecular and genetic overview / David L. Perez, Mark Eldaief, Jane Epstein, David A. Silbersweig, and Emily Stern
    Assessment of depression in patients with medical illnesses / David J. Wolfe, Jane L. Erb, and Jhilam Biswas
    General considerations in treatment / Jane Erb, David Kroll, Arielle Stanford, Megan Oser and Jhilam Biswas
    Depression and neurologic illness / Laura Safar, John Sullivan, Gaston Baslet, Jessica Harder, Laura Morrissey, Shreya Raj, Kirk Daffner, and David Silbersweig
    Cancer and depression / Fremonta Meyer, Elizabeth Alfson, John Peteet, Rachel Yung, and Ilana Braun
    Depression in cardiovascular disease / Meghan S Kolodziej, Jaya Padmanabhan, Joshua R Leo, and L. Howard Hartley
    Depression and gynecologic conditions / Laura J. Miller, Geena Athappilly, Orit Avni-Barron, Daniela Carusi, and Hadine Joffe
    Depression in obstetrical conditions / Laura J. Miller, Leena Mittal, Audra Robertson, and Lindsay Merrill
    Depression and rheumatological and immune disorders / David S. Kroll, Inder Kalra, Jeffrey N. Katz, Naomi Schmelzer, and Charles Surber
    Depression and infectious diseases / John A.R. Grimaldi, Jessica A. Harder, Megan Oser, and Paul E. Sax
    Dermatologic disease / Sejal B. Shah, Naomi A. Schmelzer, Vivian L. Ecker, and Art Saavedra
    Depression and gastrointestinal disease / Robert J. Boland, Florina Haimovici, Megan Oser, Pamela Mirsky, and Joshua Korzinek
    Depression and endocrine disorder / John A. Fromson, Charles Surber, and Matthew Kim
    Depression in chronic kidney disease, hypertension and nutritional deficiencies / Katy LaLone, Elizabeth Alfson, and David Gitlin
    Depression in pulmonary disease / David J. Wolfe and Hilary J. Goldber
    Depression in the patient with chronic pain / Robert N. Jamison and Ajay D. Wasan
    Depression in sleep disorders / Susan Mackie and John Winkelman
    Depression and substance use disorders / Joji Suzuki
    Depression in medically ill children / Eleni K. Maneta and David R. DeMaso
    Depression in the medically ill older adult / Mark Eldaief, Hongtu Chen, J. Michael Gaziano, and Olivia I. Okereke
    The surgical patient / Meghan S. Kolodziej, David J. Wolfe, Fremonta Meyer, Samata Sharma, and Stanley W. Ashley
    Delivering depression care : services and settings / Jane Erb, Emily Benedetto, James Cartreine, David S. Kroll, Eliza M Park, Sejal B. Shah, and Stuart Pollack.
    Digital Access AccessNeurology 2016