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    editor, Edward V. Craig.
    Arthroscopic subacromial decompression and rotator cuff debridement of partial- and full-thickness tears / Aaron J. Krych and Russell F. Warren
    Arthroscopic distal clavicle excision / Jeffrey S. Abrams
    Arthroscopic repair of the rotator cuff / Curtis R. Noel and Robert H. Bell
    Arthroscopic partial repair of the rotator cuff / Patrick J. Denard and Stephen S. Burkhart
    Arthroscopic repair of anterior instability / Sven Lichtenberg and Peter Habermeyer
    Arthroscopic repair of posterior instability / Craig S. Mauro and David W. Altchek
    Arthroscopic repair of involuntary multidirectional instability / Neil Ghodadra, Seth L. Sherman, Matthew T. Provencher, and Anthony A. Romeo
    Arthroscopic treatment of the arthritc shoulder / Nicholas D. Iagulli, Larry D. Field, and Felix H. Savoie III
    Arthritic biceps tenodesis and release / Pascal Boileau, Sumant G. Krishnan, Jason Old, and Gilles Walch
    Arthroscopic capsular release for the stiff shoulder / Anup A. Shah, Laurence D. Higgins, and Jon J.P. Warner. Arthroscopic calcium excision / Steven J. Klepps, Chunyan Jiang, and Evan L. Flatow
    Arthroscopic repair of SLAP lesions / Michael S. Bahk and Stephen J. Snyder
    Arthroscopic treatment of internal impingement / Daryl C. Osbahr and James R. Andrews
    Arthroscopic-assisted repair and reconstruction of acromioclavicular joint instability / Thomas M. DeBerardino, Augustus D. Mazzocca, Cory M. Edgar, Knut Beitzel, Andreas B. Imhoff, and Robert A. Arciero
    Arthroscopic treatment of painful scapulothoracic bursitis / Michael Khazzam and John E. Kuhn
    Arthroscopy of the subdeltoid space and biceps tendon transfer / Samuel A. Taylor, Moira M. McCarthy, Ashely M. Newman, and Stephen J. O'Brien
    Arthroscopic suprascapular nerve decompression / Eric D. Bava and Sumant G. Krishnan
    Open surgical reconstruction of aacute and chronic acromioclavicular joint instability / Augustus D. Mazzocca, Cory M. Edgar, Knut Beitzel, Andreas B. Imhoff, Thomas M. DeBerardino, and Robert A. Arciero. Open repair of anterior shoulder dislocations and subluxaitons / Bertram Zarins
    Anterior reconstruction for instability in the throwing athlete / Richard J. Hawkins and John A. Zavala
    Anteroinferior capsular shift for involuntary multidirectional instability / Robert M. Orfaly, Michael A. Wirth, and Charles A. Rockwood Jr
    Capsular repair for recurrent posterior instability / Edward V. Craig and James E. Tibone
    Surgical techniques for failed instability surgery including the latarjet procedure / Joshua S. Dines and David M. Dines
    McLaughlin procedure for acute and chronic posterior dislocations / Joseph D. Zuckerman
    Mini-open and open techniques for full-thickness rotator cuff repairs / Edward V. Craig
    Open repair of the massive rotator cuff tear / Gerald R. Williams Jr and Peter Johnston
    Surgical revision for failed rotator cuff surgery / Jesse A. McCarron and Joesph P. Iannotti
    Latissimus dorsi transfers in rotator cuff reconstruction and in combination with the reverse total shoulder prosthesis / Lawrence V. Gulotta and Christian Gerber
    Open reduction and internal fixation of clavicular fractures and nonunions / Daniel B. Chan, Peter Kloen, and David L. Helfet
    Surgical treatment of three-part proximal humeral fractures with plate fixation / Andrew S. Neviaser and Dean G. Lorich. Proximal treatment of displaced surgical neck fractures of the proximal humerus / Joseph Borrelli Jr and Charles N. Cornell
    Open reduction and internal fixation of glenoid fractures / Thomas P. Goss, Travis C. Burns, and Brett D. Owens
    Percutaneous fixation of proximal humeral fractures / Raymond R. White
    Operative treatment of tuberosity fractures, malunions, and nonunions / Edward V. Craig
    Total shoulder replacement with intact bone and soft tissue / Edward V. Craig
    Total shoulder replacement: managing bone deficiencies / Robert H. Cofield and John W. Sperling
    Total shoulder replacement: managing soft tissue deficiencies / Wayne Z. Burkhead Jr, William H. Paterson, Robert J. Nowinski, and Jonathan E. Buzzell
    Surface replacement arthroplasty of the shoulder / David S. Bailie and Todd S. Ellenbecker
    Arthroplasty of the shoulder using the reverse prosthesis / Brian L. Puskas, Kevin L. Harreld, Deenesh T. Sahajpal, and Mark A. Frankle
    Minimally invasive total shoulder arthroplasty / Laurent LaFosse and Kalman J. Piper
    Shoulder arthrodesis / Robin R. Richards.
    Digital Access LWW Health Library 2013