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    edited by Challa V. Kumar.
    Magneto-controlled enzyme reactions / Paolo Bollella and Evgeny Katz
    Functionalization of multiwalled carbon nanotubes for enzyme immobilization / Ram Sarup Singh and Kanika Chauhan
    Immobilization of enzymes on iron oxide magnetic nanoparticles : synthesis, characterization, kinetics and thermodynamics / Abhijeet B. Muley, Ketan H. Mulchandani, and Rekha S. Singhal
    Strategies to rationalize enzyme immobilization procedures / Diego E. Sastre, Eduardo A. Reis, and Caterina G.C. Marques Netto
    Fibrous polymer functionalized magnetic biocatalysts for improved performance / Veli C. Ozalp, Gulay Bayramoglu, and M. Yakup Arica
    Improvement in biochemical characteristics of cross-linked enzyme aggregates (CLEAs) with magnetic nanoparticles as support matrix / Nithyakalyani Doraiswamy, Mahalakshmi Sarathi, and Gautam Pennathur
    Magnetic bead-based semi-automated phage display panning strategy for the directed evolution of antibodies / Angela Chiew Wen Ch'ng, Zoltán Konthur, and Theam Soon Lim
    On-bead enzyme-catalyzed signal amplification for the high-sensitive detection of disease biomarkers / Wenjiao Fan, Wei Ren, Liping Zhu, and Chenghui Liu
    Organophosphonate functionalized Au/Si@Fe₃O₄ : versatile carrier for enzyme immobilization / Sunaina Kaul, Vishal Singh, Rajat Sandhir, and Nitin Kumar Singhal
    Bioelectrocatalysis at carbon nanotubes / Paolo Bollella and Evgeny Katz
    Molecular wiring of glucose oxidase enzyme with Mn polypyridine complex on MWCNT modified electrode surface and its bio-electrocatalytic oxidation and glucose sensing / Natarajan Saravanan and Annamalai Senthil Kumar
    Use of functionalized carbon nanotubes for the development of robust nanobiocatalysts / Michaela Patila, Nikolaos Chalmpes, Evangelia Dounousi, Haralambos Stamatis, and Dimitrios Gournis
    Biocatalytic hydrogenations on carbon supports / Lisa A. Thompson, Jack S. Rowbotham, Holly A. Reeve, Ceren Zor, Nicole Grobert, and Kylie A. Vincent
    Nano-immobilized cellulases for biomass processing with application in biofuel production / Reinu E. Abraham and Munish Puri
    Few biomedical applications of carbon nanotubes / Neelam Yadav, Manshi Tyagi, Shikha Wadhwa, Ashish Mathur, and Jagriti Narang
    Multiwalled carbon nanotubes bound beta-galactosidase : it's activity, stability and reusability / Maryam Khan and Qayyum Husain
    Exfoliated and water dispersible biocarbon nanotubes for enzymology applications / Ankarao Kalluri, Megan K. Puglia, Mansi Malhotra, and Challa V. Kumar
    Stabilization of phytase on multi-walled carbon nanotubes via covalent immobilization / Mohammad Pooya Naghshbandi and Hamid Moghimi
    A simple magnetic nanoparticle-poly-enzyme nanobead sandwich assay for direct, ultrasensitive DNA detection / Lorico D.S. Lapitan, Jr. and Dejian Zhou
    Enzymes immobilization onto magnetic nanoparticles to improve industrial and environmental applications / Osama M. Darwesh, Sameh S. Ali, Ibrahim A. Matter, Tamer Elsamahy, and Yehia A. Mahmoud.
    Digital Access ScienceDirect 2020