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    [edited by] William P. Adams, Jr.
    The process of breast augmentation / William P. Adams Jr
    Patient education / William P. Adams Jr. and Christy Aguilar
    Tissue-based planning / William P. Adams Jr
    Three-dimensional imaging / Kevin H. Small and Jason Roostaeian
    Shaped versus round implants / Patrick Mallucci and Paulo Montemurro
    Biofilms and breast implants : how science guides us to do the best for our patients / W. Louis F. Wessels, Karen Vickery, and Anand K. Deva
    Dual-plane breast augmentation / William P. Adams Jr
    The inframammary approach and the dual-plane pocket / William P. Adams Jr
    The transaxillary approach / Louis L. Strock
    Periareolar mastopexy augmentation / Ruth Graf, Maria Cecília Closs Ono, and Priscilla Balbinot
    Infra-areolar zigzag augmentation mammaplasty / Ruth Graf, Priscilla Balbinot, and Daniele Tanuri Pace
    Breast augmentation with large volume fat grafting / Ran Y. Stark, Louis P. Bucky, and Daniel A. Del Vecchio
    Revision breast augmentation / Bradley P. Bengtson and Steven Teitelbaum
    Postoperative management / William P. Adams Jr. and Louis L. Strock.
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