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    edited by Linda S. Cox.
    Section 1: Background. History of allergen immunotherapy
    Definition of an allergen
    Allergen standardization and manufacturing
    Section 2: Allergic diseases. Allergic respiratory diseases: asthma and allergic rhinitis
    Atopic dermatitis
    Food allergy
    Stinging insects
    Section 3: Mechanisms of allergen immunotherapy. Subcutaneous immunotherapy: aeroallergen
    Sublingual immunotherapy: aeroallergen and venom
    Food tolerance, allergy, and allergen unresponsiveness
    Clinical markers to AIT response
    Biologics for COPD
    Role of biologics in pediatric asthma
    Section 4: Allergen immunotherapy (AIT) and allergen immunomodluatory (AIM) therapies. Breakthroughs in subcutaneous immunotherapy
    Breakthroughs in sublingual immunotherapy
    Food immunotherapy
    Adherence and pharmacoeconomics
    Section 5: AIT and immunomodulatories in investigation. Alternative immunotherapy routes
    Modified allergens: peptides, fragments, and recombinant allergens
    Section 6: Allergen immunomodulatories. Overview of Immunomodulatories
    Anti IGE
    Anti IL5.
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