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    editor-in-chief, Walter R. Frontera ; editor emeritus, Joel A. DeLisa ; editors, ... Show More Jeffrey R. Basford, William L. Bockenek, John Chae, Lawrence R. Robinson ; associate editors, Michael Boninger, Joanne Borg-Stein, Gregory T. Carter, Leighton Chan, Gerard E. Francisco, Helen Hoenig, Alan M. Jette, Heidi Prather.
    Clinical evaluation
    Assessment of human muscle function
    Electrodiagnostic evaluation of the peripheral nervous system
    Human walking
    Imaging techniques
    Diagnostic ultrasound
    Functional evaluation and management of self-care and other activities of daily living
    Disability determination in relation to work
    The international classification of functioning, disability, and health
    Systematically assessing and improving the quality of pysical medicine and rehabilitation
    Epidemiology of disability in the United States and internationally: implications for policy and practice
    Psychological aspects of rehabilitation
    Speech, language, swallowing, and auditory rehabilitation
    Vocational rehabilitation, independent living, and consumerism
    Important to measure aspects of participation and environmental factors in medical rehabilitation
    Ethical issues in rehabilitation medicine
    International aspects of the practice of physical medicine and rehabilitation
    Stroke rehabilitation
    Traumatic brain injury
    Multiple sclerosis
    Comprehensive rehabilitation of Parkinson disease and movement disorders
    Rehabilitation of spinal cord injury
    Motor neuron disease
    Peripheral neuropathy
    Disorders of the cervical spine
    Rehabilitation of lumbar spine disorders: an evidence-based clinical practice approach
    Idiopathic scoliosis
    Disorders of the upper limbs
    Disorders of the lower limbs
    The prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation of osteoporosis
    Rheumatic diseases
    Cardiac rehabilitation
    Rehabilitation of the patient with respiratory dysfunction
    Rehabilitation for patients with cancer diagnoses
    Amputations and vascular diseases
    Physical inactivity: physiologic impairments and related clinical conditions
    Chronic pain
    Sports medicine
    Paralympic sports
    Physical activity for people with disabilities
    Performing arts medicine
    Rehabilitation of children with disabilities and adults with childhood-onset disabling conditions
    Health for women with disabilities
    Geriatric rehabilitation
    The role of PM&R in disaster relief
    Acquatic rehabilitation
    The physical agents
    Pharmacotherapy of disability
    Joint and spinal injection procedures
    Electrical stimulation (therapeutic and functional)
    Assistive technology
    Upper and lower limb prosthetics
    Orthotics for the lower and upper limb and spine
    Integrative medicine in PM&R
    Evidence-based practice in rehabilitation (including clinical trials)
    Neural repair and plasticity
    Rehabilitation robotics.
    Digital Access Ovid 2020