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    editor-in-chief, Walter R. Frontera ; editor emeritus, Joel A. DeLisa ; editors, Jeffrey R. Basford, ... Show More William L. Bockenek, John Chae, Lawrence R. Robinson ; associate editors, Michael Boninger, Joanne Borg-Stein, Gregory T. Carter, Leighton Chan, Gerard E. Francisco, Helen Hoenig, Alan M. Jette, Heidi Prather.
    Clinical evaluation -- Assessment of human muscle function -- Electrodiagnostic evaluation of the peripheral nervous system -- Human walking -- Imaging techniques -- Diagnostic ultrasound -- Functional evaluation and management of self-care and other activities of daily living -- Disability determination in relation to work -- The international classification of functioning, disability, and health -- Systematically assessing and improving the quality of pysical medicine and rehabilitation -- Epidemiology of disability in the United States and internationally: implications for policy and practice -- Psychological aspects of rehabilitation -- Speech, language, swallowing, and auditory rehabilitation -- Vocational rehabilitation, independent living, and consumerism -- Important to measure aspects of participation and environmental factors in medical rehabilitation -- Ethical issues in rehabilitation medicine -- International aspects of the practice of physical medicine and rehabilitation -- Stroke rehabilitation -- Traumatic brain injury -- Multiple sclerosis -- Comprehensive rehabilitation of Parkinson disease and movement disorders -- Rehabilitation of spinal cord injury -- Motor neuron disease -- Peripheral neuropathy -- Myopathy -- Disorders of the cervical spine -- Rehabilitation of lumbar spine disorders: an evidence-based clinical practice approach -- Idiopathic scoliosis -- Disorders of the upper limbs -- Disorders of the lower limbs -- The prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation of osteoporosis -- Rheumatic diseases -- Cardiac rehabilitation -- Rehabilitation of the patient with respiratory dysfunction -- Burns -- Rehabilitation for patients with cancer diagnoses -- Amputations and vascular diseases -- Physical inactivity: physiologic impairments and related clinical conditions -- Chronic pain -- Spasticity -- Sports medicine -- Paralympic sports -- Physical activity for people with disabilities -- Performing arts medicine -- Rehabilitation of children with disabilities and adults with childhood-onset disabling conditions -- Health for women with disabilities -- Geriatric rehabilitation -- The role of PM&R in disaster relief -- Exercise -- Acquatic rehabilitation -- The physical agents -- Pharmacotherapy of disability -- Joint and spinal injection procedures -- Electrical stimulation (therapeutic and functional) -- Assistive technology -- Upper and lower limb prosthetics -- Orthotics for the lower and upper limb and spine -- Wheelchairs -- Integrative medicine in PM&R -- Evidence-based practice in rehabilitation (including clinical trials) -- Neural repair and plasticity -- Rehabilitation robotics.
    Digital Access  Ovid 2020