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    Denise R. Ferrier.
    Summary: This is a resource for the essentials of biochemistry. Students will use this text to help them quickly review, assimilate, and integrate large amounts of complex information. For more than two decades, faculty and students have praised LiR biochemistry's matchless illustrations that make critical concepts come to life.

    Unit I. Protein structure and function. Amino acids ; Structure of proteins ; Globular proteins ; Fibrous proteins ; Enzymes
    Unit II. Bioenergetics and carbohydrate metabolism. Bioenergetics and oxidative phosphorylation ; Introduction to carbohydrates ; Introduction to metabolism and glycolysis ; Tricarboxylic acid cycle and pyruvate dehydrogenase complex ; Gluconeogenesis ; Glycogen metabolism ; Metabolism of monosaccharides and disaccharides ; Pentose phosphate pathway and nicotinamide adenine dinucleitide phosphate ; Glycosaminoglycans, proteoglycans, and glycoproteins
    Unit III. Lipid metabolism. Dietary lipid metabolism ; Fatty acid, ketone body, and triacylglycerol metabolism ; Phospholipid, glycosphingolipid, and eicosanoid metabolism
    Unit IV. Nitrogen metabolism. Amino acids : Disposal of nitrogen ; Amino acid degradation and synthesis ; Conversion of amino acids to specialized products ; Nucleotide metabolism
    Unit V. Integration of metabolism. Metabolic effects of insulin and glucagon ; The feed-fast cycle ; Diabetes mellitus ; Obesity ; Nutrition ; Vitamins
    Unit VI. Storage and expression of genetic information. DNA structure, replication, and repair ; RNA structure, synthesis, and processing ; Protein synthesis ; Regulation of gene expression ; Biotechnology and human disease
    Appendix: Clinical cases.