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    by Nancy K. Hall, Daniel L. Feeback.
    This text was developed as an instrument to aid a variety of students in their endeavor to review the basic science of pathology. It is intended to be useful to students of medicine preparing to sit for various national proficiency examinations, which include, as part of their content, the basic science of pathology. In the context of its usage here, pathology refers to an amalgamation of the general and systemic disciplines of the subject. As such, it encompasses an immense amount of material attested to by the size and weight of most standard reference textbooks which are often published in two volumes just to enable the owner to transport both him(her)self and the book simultaneously. This is not meant by any means to detract from or dispute the usefulness of these encyclopedic works. But even more difficult than carrying these weighty objects of scientific art, is the retention and transport of their contents in the minds of readers. The review manual which follows these comments was designed to allow a rapid review of this formidable large body of information while in the process consuming only a reasonable amount of time and effort. It is not intended to be comprehensive in its scope nor to replace existing comprehensive works but rather to provide an organized format to direct a systematic review of major areas. To this end the material is presented in a sensible outline form laced with synoptic comments.
    Digital Access  Springer 1967