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    [edited by] Michael E. Peterson, Michelle Anne Kutzler.
    General considerations -- Prenatal care of the bitch and queen -- Birth and the first 24 hours -- History and physical examination of the neonate -- History and physical examination of the weanling and adolescent -- Growth -- Husbandry of the neonate -- Standards of care in pediatrics -- Nutritional requirements and feeding of growing puppies and kittens -- Care of the orphaned puppy and kitten -- Emergency and critical care issues -- Neonatal mortality -- Feline behavioral development -- Canine behavioural development -- Immunologic development and immunization -- Common infectious diseases in puppies and kittens -- Bacterial infections -- Viral infections -- Fungal infections -- Diseases formerly known as rickettsial: the rickettsioses, ehrlichioses, anaplasmoses, and neorickettsial and Coxiella infections -- Parasitic and protozoal diseases -- Approach to the febrile patient -- Diagnostic and therapeutic approaches to the pediatric patient -- Radiographic considerations of the young patient -- Ultrasonography of the young patient -- Anesthesia in the pediatric patient -- Surgical considerations in the young patient -- Pediatric fracture management -- Pain assessment and management -- Pharmacologic considerations in the young patient -- Toxicologic considerations in the young patient -- Effective use of a veterinary medical diagnostic laboratory -- Clinical chemistry of the puppy and kitten -- Postmortem examination of the puppy and kitten -- Systematic clinical approach to diagnosis and treatment of pediatric conditions -- Cardiovascular system -- Hematologic and lymphoid systems -- Respiratory system -- Dental and oral cavity -- Digestive system -- Liver, biliary tract, and exocrine pancreas -- Urinary system -- Reproductive tract -- Neurologic system -- Skin and ear -- Musculoskeletal system -- Eye -- Clinical approach to pediatric nutrition -- Endocrine system -- Selected zoonotic diseases: puppies and kittens.
    Digital Access ScienceDirect 2011
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