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    edited by Marc A. Williams.
    An introduction to allergic inflammation and the innate immune sensing of dangerous ambient pollutants by the dendritic cell -- Asthma: primary immunomodulatory pathways -- Environmental lung injury and pattern recognition receptors -- Asthma exacerbations: a paradigm of synergy between allergens, pollutants and viruses -- Bronchial hyperresponsiveness and lung inflammation induced by allergic immune response and oxidative stress: role of innate and adaptive immune responses -- Effects of air pollutants on allergic sensitization through the airway -- Particulate matter and oxidative stress: dangerous partners in inflammation, vascular dysfunction and innate immunity -- Diesel exhaust particles and the airway epithelial cell -- dendritic cell interface in the control of immune homeostasis -- Role of macrophages in adverse pulmonary effects of particulate pollutants -- Particulate air pollution and vulnerability to respiratory infections in children -- The intersection of respiratory syncytial virus infection, innate immunity and allergic lung disease -- Interactions between allergens and dendritic cells: pattern recognition receptors and their function in the pathogenesis of allergic respiratory diseases.
    Digital Access  ScienceDirect 2011