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    Olivier Walusinski.
    Origins and family life -- Education, medical studies, medical practice -- Secretary, colleague, and friend of Jean-Martin Charcot -- The assassination attempt -- Glimpses of Gilles de la Tourette's personality : hospital life and the driout scandal -- Gilles de la Tourette, chief physician for the 1900 World's Fair in Paris -- A sad end : eclipse, twilight, and death -- Doctoral thesis -- Gilles de la Tourette syndrome -- Vibratory medicine and therapeutic suspension techniques -- L'hypnotisme et les états analogues (hypnotism and analogous states) -- Clinical and therapeutic treatise on hysteria : 'hystérie normale' -- Clinical and therapeutic treatise on hysteria : 'paroxysmic hysteria' -- Soeur Jeanne des Anges, supérieure des Ursulines de Loudun (Sister Jeanne of the angels, superior of the Ursuline Convent in Loudun) -- Théophraste Renaudot (1586-1653), Gilles de la Tourette's hero -- Gilles de la Tourette, commentator for la Revue Hebdomadaire, 1892-1900 -- Correspondence between Octave Lebesgue, known as Georges Montorgueil, and Gilles de la Tourette -- Gilles de la Tourette, a poet -- Recapitulative list of all Gilles de la Tourette's publications.
    Digital Access Oxford 2019