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    [edited by] William S. Anderson ; the Society for Innovative Neuroscience in Neurosurgery.
    Introduction to deep brain stimulation: history, techniques and ethical considerations -- Customized platform-based stereotactic DBS lead placement technique (FHC STarFix, Medtronic Nexframe, and Robotic System Placement) -- Microelectrod Recording Methods -- Intraoperative imaging-based lead implementation -- Lesioning methods for movement disorders -- Computational modeling and tractography for DBS targeting -- Closed-loop stimulation methods: current practice and future promise -- Parkinson's disease application -- Essential tremor application -- Deep brain stimulation for dystonia- clinical review and surgical considerations -- Deep brain stimulation for obsessive compulsive disorder -- Deep brain stimulation in major depression -- Deep brain stimulation in Tourette Syndrome -- Deep brain stimulation for emerging psychiatric indications -- Intraoperative research druing deep brain stimulation surgery -- Deep brain stimulation: techniques and practices for pediatrics indications -- Establishing a deep brain stimulation practice.