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    [edited by] William S. Anderson ; the Society for Innovative Neuroscience in Neurosurgery.
    Introduction to deep brain stimulation: history, techniques and ethical considerations
    Customized platform-based stereotactic DBS lead placement technique (FHC STarFix, Medtronic Nexframe, and Robotic System Placement)
    Microelectrod Recording Methods
    Intraoperative imaging-based lead implementation
    Lesioning methods for movement disorders
    Computational modeling and tractography for DBS targeting
    Closed-loop stimulation methods: current practice and future promise
    Parkinson's disease application
    Essential tremor application
    Deep brain stimulation for dystonia- clinical review and surgical considerations
    Deep brain stimulation for obsessive compulsive disorder
    Deep brain stimulation in major depression
    Deep brain stimulation in Tourette Syndrome
    Deep brain stimulation for emerging psychiatric indications
    Intraoperative research druing deep brain stimulation surgery
    Deep brain stimulation: techniques and practices for pediatrics indications
    Establishing a deep brain stimulation practice.
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