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    Suzanne D. Dixon, Martin T. Stein.
    Perspectives on child development in child health care / Suzanne D. Dixon and Martin T. Stein -- Understanding children: theories, concepts and insights / Suzanne D. Dixon -- Cultural dimensions in child care / Lori Taylor, Lyndia Willes-Jacobo and Suzanne D. Dixon -- Developmentally based office: setting the stage for enhanced practice / Martin T. Stein -- Use of drawing by children at health encounters / John B. Welsh, Susan L. Instone and Martin T. Stein -- The prenatal visit: making an alliance with the family / Suzanne D. Dixon -- The newborn: ready to get going / Suzanne D. Dixon -- Neonatal intensive care units: special issues for the at-risk infant and family / Suzanne D. Dixon and Yvonne E. Vaucher -- First days at home: making a place in the family / Suzanne D. Dison and Martin T. Stein -- One to two months: getting on track / Martin T. Stein -- Three to four months: having fun with the picture book baby / Suzanne D. Dixon -- Six months: reaching out / Suzanne D. Dixon and Michael J. Hennessy. Eight to nine months: exploring and clinging / Maria Trozzi and Suzanne D. Dixon -- One year: one giant step forward / Suzanne D. Dixon and Michael J. Hennessy -- 15 to 18 months: declaring independence and pushing the limits / Maria Trozzi and Martin T. Stein -- Two years: language leaps / Suzanne D. Dixon -- Three years: emergence of magic / Suzanne D. Dixon -- Four years: clearer sense of self / Suzanne D. Dixon -- Five years: opening the school door / Martin T. Stein -- Six to seven years: reading, relationships and playing by the rules / Martin T. Stein -- Seven to ten years: the world of middle childhood / Robert David Wells and Martin T. Stein -- Eleven to fourteen years: early adolescence -- age of rapid changes / Jennifer Maehr and Marianne E. Felice -- Fifteen to seventeen years: mid-adolescence-redefining self / Jennifer Maehr and Marianne E. Felice -- Seventeen to twenty-one years: transition to adulthood / Lawrence S. Friedman -- Special families / Robert David Wells and Martin T. Stein -- Encounters with illness: coping and growing / Martin T. Stein -- Stressful events: separation, loss, violence and death / Maria Trozzi and Suzanne D. Dixon -- Resources for families: an annotated bibliography / Martin T. Stein and Suzanne D. Dixon.
    Digital Access  ScienceDirect 2006