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    volume editors, Takeshi Nakanishi, Takahiro Kuragano.
    Current topics in vascular access : superficialization of arteriovenous fistula / Nanami, M., Suemitsu, K., Nagasawa, Y., Hasuike, Y., Kuragano, T., Nakanishi, T. -- Malnutrition-wasting conditions in older dialysis patients : an individualized approach / Hanafusa, N., Tsuchiya, K., Nitta, K. -- Blood purification for paediatric patients / Ishikawa, K.; Oyama, K. -- Chronic inflammation and progression of diabetic kidney disease / Furuya, F., Ishii, T., Kitamura, K. -- Correlation between aortic calcification score and biochemical parameters in hemodialysis patients / Maruyama, N., Higuchi, T., Ono, M., Oguma, H., Nakamura, Y., Utsunomiya, K., Akiya, Y., Horikami, T., Yamazaki, T., Okawa, E., Ando, H., Abe, M. -- New Japanese Society of Dialysis Therapy guidelines for peritoneal dialysis / Ito, Y., Tawada, M., Yuasa, H., Ryuzaki, M. -- Recent advances in the management of vascular calcification in patients with end-stage renal disease / Nitta, K., Ogawa, T., Hanafusa, N., Tsuchiya, K. -- Carnitine profile by tandem mass spectrometry and dialysis patients / Kamei, D., Kamei, Y., Tanaka, N., Tsukada, M., Miwa, N., Hanafusa, N., Mineshima, M., Nitta, K., Tsuchiya, K. -- The current status and future of peritoneal dialysis in Japan / Nakamoto, H. -- Economic issues of chronic kidney disease and end-stage renal disease / Takemoto, Y., Naganuma, T. -- Clinical benefit of an adsorptive technique for elderly long-term hemodialysis patients / Kuragano, T., Kida, A., Yahiro, M., Nakanishi, T. -- Iron metabolism in chronic kidney disease patients / Honda, H., Hosaka, N., Ganz, T., Shibata, T. -- Hypoxia-inducible factor-prolyl hydroxylase domain inhibitors to treat anemia in chronic kidney disease / Sakashita, M., Tanaka, T., Nangaku, M. -- The hepcidin-anemia axis : pathogenesis of anemia in chronic kidney disease / Nakanishi, T., Kimura, T., Kuragano, T. -- Anemia management considering the pathophysiology of elderly chronic kidney disease patients / Kuragano, T., Mizusaki, K., Kimura, T., Nakanishi, T.
    Digital Access Karger 2019