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    edited by Guojun Sheng, IRCMS, Kumamoto University, Kumamoto, Kumamoto, Japan.
    1 Some thoughts on experimental design / Claudio D. Stern -- 2 Comparative genomics as a foundation for evo-devo studies in birds / Phil Grayson, Simon Y.W. Sin, Timothy B. Sackton, and Scott V. Edwards -- 3 A step-by-step guide to assemble a reptilian genome / Asier Ullate-Agote, Yingguang Frank Chan, and Athanasia C. Tzika -- 4 Genomic and transcriptomic analyses of avian sex chromosomes and sex-linked genes / Jilin Zhang, Jing Li, and Qi Zhou -- 5 Systems biology analyses in chicken : workflow for transcriptome and ChIP-seq analyses using the chicken skin paradigm / Yung-Chih Lai, Randall B. Widelitz, and Cheng-Ming Chuong -- 6 Application of a CAGE method to an avian development study / Ruslan Deviatiiarov, Marina Lizio, and Oleg Gusev -- 7 CRISPR/Cas9 in the chicken embryo / Valérie Morin, Nadège Véron, and Christophe Marcelle -- 8 Fluorescent quail : a transgenic model system for the dynamic study of avian development / David Huss and Rusty Lansford -- 9 Lentiviral-mediated transgenesis in songbirds / Wan-chun Liu, Marian Hruska-Plochan, and Atsushi Miyanohara -- 10 In ovo electroporation methods in chick embryos / Hidekiyo Harada, Minoru Omi, and Harukazu Nakamura -- 11 Genetic manipulation of the avian urogenital system using in ovo electroporation / Claire E. Hirst, Olivier Serralbo, Katie L. Ayers, Kelly N. Roeszler, and Craig A. Smith -- 12 Enhancer analyses using chicken embryo electroporation / Masanori Uchikawa, Naoko Nishimura, Makiko Iwafuchi-Doi, and Hisato Kondoh -- 13 Transgene introduction into the chick limb bud by electroporation / Shogo Ueda, Takayuki Suzuki, and Mikiko Tanaka -- 14 Chicken induced pluripotent stem cells : establishment and characterization / Aurelie Fuet and Bertrand Pain -- 15 Isolation and characterization of chicken primordial germ cells and their application in transgenesis / Jae Yong Han and Bo Ram Lee -- 16 Handling of gametes for in vitro insemination in birds / Shusei Mizushima, Mei Matsuzaki, and Tomohiro Sasanami -- 17 In vitro and ex ovo culture of reptilian and avian neural progenitor cells / Wataru Yamashita, Toyo Shimizu, and Tadashi Nomura -- 18 Lifting the veil on reptile embryology : the veiled chameleon (Chamaeleo calyptratus) as a model system to study reptilian development / Raul E. Diaz Jr., Federica Bertocchini, and Paul A. Trainor -- 19 Model clades versus model species : Anolis lizards as an integrative model of anatomical evolution / Thomas J. Sanger and Bonnie K. Kircher -- 20 The feather model for chemo- and radiation therapy-induced tissue damage / Zhicao Yue and Benhua Xu -- 21 An early chick embryo culture device for extended continuous observation / Hans-Georg Sydow, Tobias Pieper, Christoph Viebahn, and Nikoloz Tsikolia -- 22 A sensitive and versatile in situ hybridization protocol for gene expression analysis in developing amniote brains / Pei-Shan Hou, Takuma Kumamoto, and Carina Hanashima -- 23 Somitogenesis and axial development in reptiles / Cindy Xu, Mariana B. Grizante, and Kenro Kusumi -- 24 MicroCT imaging on living alligator teeth reveals natural tooth cycling / Randall B. Widelitz, Alaa Abdelhamid, M. Khalil Khan, Amr Elkarargy, Cheng-Ming Chuong, and Ping Wu.
    Digital Access  Springer 2017