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    David A. Schwartz, Julienne Ngoundoung Anoko, Sharon A. Abramowitz, editors.
    Intro; Dedication; Foreword; Preface; Acknowledgments; Contents; Contributors; About the Editors; Part I: The West African Ebola Epidemic, Women, and Their Children; 1: Ebola's Assault on Women, Children, and Family Reproduction: An Introduction to the Issues; 1.1 An Introduction; References; 2: Effects of the West African Ebola Epidemic on Health Care of Pregnant Women: Stigmatization With and Without Infection; 2.1 Introduction: Stigma, Ebola Virus, and Pregnant Women; 2.2 Rethinking Stigma in the Context of an Acute Epidemic; 2.3 Gendering Outbreaks; 2.4 Ebola and Women 2.5 Stigmatization of Health Facilities and Health Care Workers: Avoidance of Hospitals and Birthing Centers 2.6 Stigmatization of Pregnant Women Due to Ebola Infection; 2.7 Conclusions; References; 3: The Challenges of Pregnancy and Childbirth Among Women Who Were Not Infected with Ebola Virus During the 2013-2015 West African Epidemic; 3.1 Introduction: The Story of Aminata; 3.2 Partners In Health; 3.3 The Ebola Epidemic and the Partners In Health Response; 3.4 The Health System in West Africa Prior to Ebola; 3.5 The Impact of Ebola on Health Systems; 3.5.1 Staff; 3.5.2 Stuff 3.5.3 Space 3.5.4 Systems; 3.5.5 Referral Systems and Ambulances; 3.5.6 Travel and Movement Restrictions; 3.5.7 Communication and Messaging; 3.5.8 Cost; 3.5.9 Ebola Screening; 3.6 Impact of the Ebola Epidemic on Women Without Ebola Infection; 3.6.1 The Story of Fatmata; 3.7 Impact on Maternal Health Services; 3.7.1 Maternal Mortality; 3.7.2 Facility-Based Deliveries; 3.7.3 Surgical Delivery; 3.7.4 Antenatal Care; 3.7.5 Economic Impact on Women; 3.7.6 Stigma and Mistrust; 3.8 The Way Forward; 3.9 Conclusions; References 4: Ebola Virus Disease and Pregnancy: Perinatal Transmission and Epidemiology 4.1 Introduction; 4.2 Epidemiology of Ebola Infection in Pregnancy; 4.3 Managing Ebola Virus Disease in Pregnancy-Supportive Care and Obstetric Considerations; 4.4 Transplacental and Perinatal Ebola Virus Transmission; 4.5 Outcomes of Ebola Virus Disease-Affected Pregnancies; 4.6 Nosocomial Ebola Virus Disease Transmission; 4.7 Sexual Transmission; 4.8 Impact of Ebola Virus Disease on Routine Pregnancy Care in West Africa; 4.9 Pregnancy Outcomes After Recovery from Ebola Virus Disase; 4.10 Summary References 5: Comprehensive Clinical Care for Infants and Children with Ebola Virus Disease; 5.1 Introduction; 5.2 Protocol Development; 5.3 Admission Criteria for Ebola Treatment Units; 5.4 Accompaniment and Challenges in Pediatric Ebola Care; 5.5 Protocols for the Management of Ebola Virus Disease in Children; 5.5.1 Overview; 5.5.2 Initial Assessment and Management; 5.5.3 Fluid Management; Oral Rehydration; Parenteral Rehydration; 5.5.4 Electrolyte Supplementation; Potassium; Magnesium; Zinc; 5.5.5 Antimicrobial Therapy
    Digital Access  Springer 2019