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    edited by Miguel de Lucas (Department of Biosciences, Durham University, Durham, UK), J. Peter Etchells (Department of Biosciences, Durham University, Durham, UK).
    Experimental and theoretical methods to approach the study of vascular patterning in the plant shoot / Norma Fàbregas, Pau Formosa-Jordan, Marta Ibañes, and Ana I. Caño-Delgado -- Strigolactone-mediated stimulation of secondary xylem proliferation in stems / Javier Agustí -- Quick histochemical staining methods to detect cell death in xylem elements of plant tissues / Sacha Escamez, Benjamin Bollhöner, and Hannele Tuominen -- Establishment and utilization of habituated cell suspension cultures for hormone-inducible xylogenesis / Delphine Ménard, Henrik Serk, Raphaël Decou, and Edouard Pesquet -- Tissue culture for xylem differentiation with arabidopsis leaves / Masato Saito, Alif Meem Nurani, Yuki Kondo, and Hiroo Fukuda -- VND6-induced xylem cell differentiation in arabidopsis cell cultures / Yoshihisa Oda -- Live imaging of developing xylem in planta / Raymond Wightman -- Immunolocalization in secondary xylem of Populus / Suzanne Gerttula and Andrew Groover -- Monitoring vascular regeneration and xylem connectivity in Arabidopsis thaliana / Charles W. Melnyk -- Vascular morphodynamics during secondary growth / Pierre Barbier de Reuille and Laura Ragni -- Xylem characterization using improved pseudo-schiff propidium iodide staining of whole mount samples and confocal laser-scanning microscopy / Mario Coiro and Elisabeth Truernit -- Chemical imaging of xylem by raman microspectroscopy / András Gorzsás -- Using CellProfiler to analyze and quantify vascular morphology / Liam Campbell, Manoj Kumar, and Simon Turner -- Lignin analysis by HPLC and FTIR / Jorge Reyes-Rivera and Teresa Terrazas -- Carbohydrate composition analysis in xylem / Baocai Zhang and Yihua Zhou -- Structural analysis of cell wall polysaccharides using PACE / Jennifer C. Mortimer -- Analysis of lignin composition and distribution using fluorescence laser confocal microspectroscopy / Raphaël Decou, Henrik Serk, Delphine Ménard, and Edouard Pesquet -- Topochemical analysis of cell wall components by TOF-SIMS / Dan Aoki and Kazuhiko Fukushima.
    Digital Access  Springer 2017