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    edited by Nalini Raghavachari, Natàlia Garcia-Reyero.
    Overview of gene expression analysis : transcriptomics / Nalini Raghavachari and Natalia Garcia-Reyero -- RNA-Seq and expression arrays : selection guidelines for genome-eide expression profiling / Jessica Minnier, Nathan D. Pennock, Quichen Guo, Pepper Schedin, and Christina A. Harrington -- Guide for designing and analyzing RNA-Seq data / Aniruddha Chatterjee, Antonio Ahn, Euan J. Rodger, Peter A. Stockwell, and Michael R. Eccles -- SureSelectXT RNA direct : a technique for expression analysis through sequencing of target-enriched FFPE total RNA / Jennifer Carter Jones, Alex P. Siebold, Carolina Becker Livi, and Anne Bergstrom Lucas -- Simultaneous, multiplexed detection of RNA and protein on the NanoString® nCounter® platform / Sarah Warren -- Transcript profiling using long-read sequencing technologies / Anthony Bayega, Yu Chang Wang, Spyros Oikonomopoulos, Haig Djambazian, Somayyeh Fahiminiya, and Jiannis Ragoussis -- Making and sequencing heavily multiplexed, high-throughput 16S ribosomal RNA gene amplicon libraries using a flexible, two-stage PCR protocol / Ankur Naqib, Silvana Poggi, Weihua Wang, Marieta Hyde, Kevin Kunstman, and Stefan J. Green -- MicroRNA expression analysis : next-generation sequencing / Poching Liu -- Identification of transcriptional regulators that bind to long noncoding RNAs by RNA pull-down and RNA immunoprecipitation / Xiangbo Ruan, Ping Li, and Haiming Cao -- Single-cell mRNA-seq using the fluidigm C1 system and integrated fluidics circuits / Haibiao Gong, Devin Do, and Ramesh Ramakrishnan -- Current and future methods for mRNA analysis : a drive toward single molecule sequencing / Anthony Bayega, Somayyeh Fahiminiya, Spyros Oikonomopoulos, and Jiannis Ragoussis -- Expression profiling of differentially regulated genes in fanconi anemia / Binita Zipporah E, Kavitha Govarthanan, Pavithra Shyamsunder, and Rama S. Verma -- Review of transcriptome analysis in pulmonary vascular diseases / Dustin R. Fraidenburg and Roberto F. Machado -- Differential gene expression analysis of plants / Mark Arick II and Chuan-Yu Hsu -- High throughput sequencing-based approaches for gene expression analysis / R. Raja Sekhara Reddy and M. V. Ramanujam -- Network analysis of gene expression / Roby Joehanes -- Analysis of ChIP-seq and RNA-seq data with BioWardrobe / Sushmitha Vallabh, Andrey V. Kartashov, and Artem Barski -- Bayesian network to infer drug-induced apoptosis circuits from connectivity map data / Jiyang Yu and Jose M. Silva.
    Digital Access  Springer 2018