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    edited by Martha R.J. Clokie, Andrew M. Kropinski, Rob Lavigne.
    Basic phage mathematics / Stephen T. Abedon and Tena I. Katsaounis -- Analysis of host-takeover during SPO1 infection of Bacillus subtilis / Charles R. Stewart -- Practical advice on the one-step growth curve / Andrew M. Kropinski -- Iron chloride flocculation of bacteriophages from seawater / Bonnie T. Poulos, Seth G. John, and Matthew B. Sullivan -- Purification of bacteriophages using anion-exchange chromatography / Dieter Vandenheuvel, Sofie Rombouts, and Evelien M. Adriaenssens -- Encapsulation strategies of bacteriophage (Felix O1) for oral therapeutic application / Golam S. Islam, Qi Wang, and Parviz M. Sabour -- Encapsulation of listeria phage A511 by alginate to improve its thermal stability / Hanie Ahmadi, Qi Wang, Loong-Tak Lim, and S. Balamurugan -- Application of a virucidal agent to avoid overestimation of phage kill during phage decontamination assays on ready-to-eat meats / Andrew Chibeu and S. Balamurugan -- Sequencing, assembling, and finishing complete bacteriophage genomes / Daniel A. Russell -- Identification of DNA base modifications by means of pacific biosciences RS sequencing technology / Philip Kelleher, James Murphy, Jennifer Mahony, and Douwe van Sinderen -- Analyzing genome termini of bacteriophage through high-throughput sequencing / Xianglilan Zhang, Yahui Wang, and Yigang Tong -- Amplification for whole genome sequencing of bacteriophages from single isolated plaques using SISPA / Derick E. Fouts -- Genome sequencing of dsDNA-containing bacteriophages directly from a single plaque / Witold Kot -- Preparing cDNA libraries from lytic phage-infected cells for whole transcriptome analysis by RNA-Seq / Bob Blasdel, Pieter-Jan Ceyssens, and Rob Lavigne -- Essential steps in characterizing bacteriophages : biology, taxonomy, and genome analysis / Ramy Karam Aziz, Hans-Wolfgang Ackermann, Nicola K. Petty, and Andrew M. Kropinski -- Annotation of bacteriophage genome sequences using DNA master : an overview / Welkin H. Pope and Deborah Jacobs-Sera -- Phage genome annotation using the RAST pipeline / Katelyn McNair, Ramy Karam Aziz, Gordon D. Pusch, Ross Overbeek, Bas E. Dutilh, and Robert Edwards -- Visualization of phage genomic data : comparative genomics and publication-quality diagrams / Dann Turner, J. Mark Sutton, Darren M. Reynolds, Eby M. Sim, and Nicola K. Petty -- Transposable bacteriophages as genetic tools / Ariane Toussaint -- Applications of the bacteriophage mu in vitro transposition reaction and genome manipulation via electroporation of DNA transposition complexes / Saija Haapa-Paananen and Harri Savilahti -- Use of RP4 : mini-mu for gene transfer / Frederique Van Gijsegem -- Muprints and whole genome insertion scans : methods for investigating chromosome accessibility and DNA dynamics using bacteriophage mu / N. Patrick Higgins.
    Digital Access  Springer 2018