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    [edited by] Mark Hochstrasser.
    Semisynthesis of ubiquitinated histone H2B with a native or nonhydrolyzable linkage / Michael Morgan, Muhammad Jbara, Ashraf Brik and Cynthia Wolberger -- Dual-color pulse-chase ubiquitination assays to simultaneously monitor substrate priming and extension / Daniel C. Scott and Brenda A. Schulman -- A genetic approach to study polyubiquitination in Saccharomyces cerevisiae / Fernando Meza-Gutierrez, Deniz Simsek and David P. Toczyski -- Enzymatic preparation of monoubiquitinated FANCD2 and FANCI proteins / Viduth K. Chaugule, Connor Arkinson, Rachel Toth and Helen Walden -- Methods to measure ubiquitin chain length and linkage / Fumiaki Ohtake, Hikaru Tsuchiya, Keiji Tanaka and Yasushi Saeki -- Detection of ubiquitination activity and identification of ubiquitinated substrates using TR-TUBE / Yukiko Yoshida, Yasushi Saeki, Hikaru Tsuchiya and Keiji Tanaka -- Methods to study phosphoribosylated ubiquitin ligation and removal / Jiazhang Qiu and Zhao-Qing Luo -- Biochemical characterization of SUMO-conjugating enzymes by in vitro sumoylation assays / Nathalie Eisenhardt, Dragana Ilic, Easa Nagamalleswari and Andrea Pichler -- Methods to study SUMO dynamics in yeast / Stefan Pabst, Lennard-Maximilian Döring, Natasha Petreska and R. Jürgen Dohmen -- Approaches for investigating the extracellular signaling function of ISG15 / Caleb D. Swaim, Larissa A. Canadeo and Jon M. Huibregtse -- Analysis of modification and proteolytic targeting by the ubiquitin-like modifier FAT10 / Annette Aichem, Annika N. Boehm, Nicola Catone, Gunter Schmidtke and Marcus Groettrup -- Methods to analyze STUbL activity / Emma Branigan, Anna Plechanovová and Ronald T. Hay -- Quantitative analysis of USP activity in vitro / Shreya Dharadhar, Robbert Q. Kim, Michael Uckelmann and Titia K. Sixma -- Evaluating enzyme activities and structures of DUBs / Jonathan N. Pruneda and David Komander -- Purification and functional characterization of the DUB domain of SdeA / Kedar Puvar, Shalini Iyer, Michael J. Sheedlo and Chittaranjan Das -- Profiling DUBs and Ubl-specific proteases with activity-based probes / Paul P. Geurink, Gerbrand J. van der Heden van Noort, Monique P.C. Mulder, Robert C.M. Knaap, Marjolein Kikkert and Huib Ovaa -- Assays of SUMO protease/isopeptidase activity and function in mammalian cells and tissues / Kathrin Kunz, Stefan Müller and Luca Mendler.
    Digital Access  ScienceDirect 2019