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    edited by Enrico Lugli.
    The vast universe of T cell diversity : subsets of memory cells and their differentiation / Camilla Jandus, Amaia Martínez Usatorre, Selena Viganò, Lianjun Zhang, and Pedro Romero -- Basic aspects of T helper cell differentiation / Nicola Gagliani and Samuel Huber -- FACS analysis of memory T lymphocytes / Enrico Lugli, Veronica Zanon, Domenico Mavilio, and Alessandra Roberto -- Intravital microscopy analysis of hepatic T cell dynamics / Alexandre Pierre Benechet, Lucia Ganzer, and Matteo Iannacone -- Analysis of T cell activation by confocal microscopy / Paola Larghi, Antonella Viola, and Barbara Molon -- Phenotypic and functional analysis of antigen-specific T cell exhaustion / Kristin L. Boswell and Takuya Yamamoto -- pMHC multiplexing strategy to detect high numbers of T cell responses in parallel / Daisy Philips, Marlous van den Braber, Ton N. Schumacher, and Pia Kvistborg -- Differentiation of diverse progenies of memory T cells from naïve CD8+ T cell precursors / Veronica Zanon and Enrico Lugli -- Gammaretroviral production and T cell transduction to genetically retarget primary T cells against cancer / Gongbo Li, Kyungho Park, and Marco L. Davila -- Measuring telomerase activity in senescent human T cells upon genetic modification / Alessio Lanna -- Strategies for T helper cell subset differentiation from naïve precursors / Francesco Annunziato and Laura Maggi -- Phenotypic and functional analysis of the suppressive function of human regulatory T cells / Eleonora Timperi, Vincenzo Barnaba, and Silvia Piconese -- Approaches to detect microRNA expression in T cell subsets and T cell differentiation / Silvia Monticelli, Tarmo Äijö, and Sara Trifari -- Next-generation sequencing analysis of long noncoding RNAs in CD4+ T cell differentiation / Valeria Ranzani, Alberto Arrigoni, Grazisa Rossetti, Ilaria Panzeri, Sergio Abrignani, Raoul J.P. Bonnal, and Massimiliano Pagani -- Highly multiplexed, single cell transcriptomic analysis of T-cells by microfluidic PCR / Maria Dominguez, Mario Roederer, and Pratip K. Chattopadhyay -- Single-cell RNA sequencing of human T cells / Alexandra-Chloé Villani and Karthik Shekhar -- Extensive phenotypic analysis, transcription factor profiling, and effector cytokine production of human MAIT cells by flow cytometry / Joana Dias, Johan K. Sandberg, and Edwin Leeansyah -- Developmental and functional assays to study murine and human [gamma delta] T cells / Julie C. Ribot, Karine Serre, and Bruno Silva-Santos.
    Digital Access  Springer 2017