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    edited by Marco G. Alves, Pedro F. Oliveira.
    Establishment of primary culture of sertoli cells / Raquel L. Bernardino, Marco G. Alves, and Pedro F. Oliveira -- Evaluation of the purity of sertoli cell primary cultures / Raquel L. Bernardino, Marco G. Alves, and Pedro F. Oliveira -- Preparation of testicular samples for histology and immunohistochemistry/ Barbara Bilinska, Anna Hejmej, and Malgorzata Kotula-Balak -- Rabbit sertoli cells : immunohistochemical profile from neonatal to adult age / Valeria Grieco and Barbara Banco -- Identification of proliferative and apoptotic sertoli cells using fluorescence and confocal microscopy / Jesús Martínez-Hernández, Vicente Seco-Rovira, Ester Beltrán-Frutos, Victor Quesada-Cubo, Concepción Ferrer, and Luis Miguel Pastor -- Sertoli cell preparation for co-immunoprecipitation / Maria João Freitas and Margarida Fardilha -- Profiling signaling proteins in sertoli cells by co-immunoprecipitation / Maria João Freitas and Margarida Fardilha -- Phagocytosis by Ssertoli cells : analysis of main phagocytosis steps by confocal and electron microscopy / Marina G. Yefimova, Nadia Messaddeq, Annie-Claire Meunier, Anne Cantereau, Bernard Jegou, and Nicolas Bourmeyster -- Method for in vivo induction and ultrastructural detection of mitophagy in sertoli cells / Nabil Eid, Yuko Ito, Akio Horibe, Hitomi Hamaoka, and Yoichi Kondo -- Assessing autophagy in sertoli cells / Chao Liu, Jehangir Khan, and Wei Li -- Molecular mechanisms and signaling pathways involved in the nutritional support of spermatogenesis by sertoli cells / Luís Crisóstomo, Marco G. Alves, Agostina Gorga, Mário Sousa, María F. Riera, María N. Galardo, Silvina B. Meroni, and Pedro F. Oliveira -- Assessing sertoli cell metabolic activity / Ivana Jarak, Pedro F. Oliveira, Gustavo Rindone, Rui A. Carvalho, María N. Galardo, María F. Riera, Silvina B. Meroni, and Marco G. Alves -- Proteome profiling of sertoli cells using a GeLC-MS/MS strategy / Rita Ferreira, Fábio Trindade, and Rui Vitorino -- Gene silencing of human sertoli cells utilizing small interfering RNAs / Hong Wang, Qingqing Yuan, Minghui Niu, Liping Wen, Hongyong Fu, Fan Zhou, Weihui Zhang, and Zuping He -- Testicular cell selective ablation using diphtheria toxin receptor transgenic mice / Diane Rebourcet, Annalucia Darbey, Michael Curley, Peter O'Shaughnessy, and Lee B. Smith -- Regulation of blood-testis barrier (BTB) dynamics, role of actin-, and microtubule-based cytoskeletons / Qing Wen, Elizabeth I. Tang, Nan Li, Dolores D. Mruk, Will M. Lee, Bruno Silvestrini, and C. Yan Cheng -- Monitoring the integrity of the blood-testis barrier (BTB) : an in vivo assay / Haiqi Chen, Wing-yee Lui, Dolores D. Mruk, Xiang Xiao, Renshan Ge, Qingquan Lian, Will M. Lee, Bruno Silvestrini, and C. Yan Cheng -- Computational methods involved in evaluating the toxicity of the reproductive toxicants in sertoli cell / Pranitha Jenardhanan, Manivel Panneerselvam, and Premendu P. Mathur -- Stopped-flow lightscattering methodology for assessing the osmotic water permeability of whole sertoli cells / Anna Maggio, Raquel L. Bernardino, Patrizia Gena, Marco G. Alves, Pedro F. Oliveira, and Giuseppe Calamita -- Cryopreservation of human testicular tissue by isopropyl-controlled slow freezing / Yoni Baert, Jaime Onofre, Dorien Van Saen, and Ellen Goossens.
    Digital Access Springer 2018