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    edited by Paul C. Guest.
    Nutritional Programming Effects on Development of Metabolic Disorders in Later Life / Thomas Prates Ong, Paul C. Guest, pages 3-17 -- Effects of Prenatal Nutrition and the Role of the Placenta in Health and Disease / Leslie Myatt, Kent L. Thornburg, pages 19-46 -- Developmental Origins of Stress and Psychiatric Disorders / Francesca L. Guest, Paul C. Guest, pages 47-58 -- Proteomic Studies of Psychiatric Disorders / Paul C. Guest, pages 59-89 -- Developmental Origins of Breast Cancer: A Paternal Perspective / Camile Castilho Fontelles, Raquel Santana da Cruz, Leena Hilakivi-Clarke, Sonia de Assis, Thomas Prates Ong / pages 91-103 -- Point-of-Care Testing and Personalized Medicine for Metabolic Disorders / Francesca L. Guest, Paul C. Guest, pages 105-114 -- Pregnancy and Lactation: A Window of Opportunity to Improve Individual Health / Guadalupe L. Rodríguez-González, Diana C. Castro-Rodríguez, Elena Zambrano, pages 115-144 -- Utility of Small Animal Models of Developmental Programming / Clare M. Reynolds, Mark H. Vickers, pages 145-163 -- Protocols -- Generation of Maternal Obesity Models in Studies of Developmental Programming in Rodents / Paul D. Taylor, Phillippa A. Matthews, Imran Y. Khan, Douglas Rees, Nozomi Itani, Lucilla Poston, pages 167-199 -- Generation of the Maternal Low-Protein Rat Model for Studies of Metabolic Disorders / Dan Ma, Susan E. Ozanne, Paul C. Guest, pages 201-206 -- Investigation of Paternal Programming of Breast Cancer Risk in Female Offspring in Rodent Models / Camile Castilho Fontelles, Raquel Santana da Cruz, Leena Hilakivi-Clarke, Sonia de Assis, Thomas Prates Ong / pages 207-220 -- Studies of Isolated Peripheral Blood Cells as a Model of Immune Dysfunction / Hassan Rahmoune, Paul C. Guest, pages 221-229 -- Studies of a Neuronal Cell Line as a Model of Psychiatric Disorders Keiko Iwata, pages 231-238 -- Assessment of Placental Transport Function in Studies of Disease Programming / Amanda N. Sferruzzi-Perri, pages 239-250 -- Assessment of Fatty Liver in Models of Disease Programming / Kimberley D. Bruce, Karen R. Jonscher, pages 251-26 -- Capillary Blood Sampling from the Finger / Kieron Rooney, pages 267-272 -- Physical Activity Assessment in Clinical Studies of Substance Use Disorder / Rhiannon Dowla, Bridin Murnion, Kia Roberts, Jonathan Freeston, Kieron Rooney, pages 273-284 -- Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing / Derek Tran, pages 285-295 -- Cardiovascular Assessment in Human Research / Marjan Mosalman Haghighi, Julian Ayer, pages 297-310 -- Nutritional Programming Effects on the Immune System / Donald B. Palmer, pages 311-319 -- Small RNA Sequencing: A Technique for miRNA Profiling / Lucas Carminatti Pantaleão, Susan E. Ozanne, pages 321-330 -- Pulse-Chase Biosynthetic Radiolabeling of Pancreatic Islets to Measure Beta Cell Function / Paul C. Guest, pages 331-341 -- Rapid and Easy Protocol for Quantification of Next-Generation Sequencing Libraries / Steve F. C. Hawkins, Paul C. Guest, pages 343-350 -- Telomere Length Analysis: A Tool for Dissecting Aging Mechanisms in Developmental Programming / Jane L. Tarry-Adkins, Susan E. Ozanne, pages 351-363 -- Qualitative and Quantitative NMR Approaches in Blood Serum Lipidomics / Banny Silva Barbosa, Lucas Gelain Martins, Tássia B. B. C. Costa, Guilherme Cruz, Ljubica Tasic, pages 365-379 -- In Vivo Electrical Stimulation for the Assessment of Skeletal Muscle Contractile Function in Murine Models / Kaio F. Vitzel, Marco A. Fortes, Gabriel Nasri Marzuca-Nassr, Maria V. M. Scervino, Carlos H. Pinheiro, Leonardo R. Silveira ... et al., pages 381-395 -- Experimental Model of Skeletal Muscle Laceration in Rats / Phablo Abreu, Gabriel Nasri Marzuca-Nassr, Sandro Massao Hirabara, Rui Curi, pages 397-401 -- Neuropsychiatric Sequelae of Early Nutritional Modifications: A Beginner's Guide to Behavioral Analysis / Ann-Katrin Kraeuter, Paul C. Guest, Zoltán Sarnyai, pages 403-420 -- Hyperlocomotion Test for Assessing Behavioral Disorders / Dan Ma, Paul C. Guest, pages 421-425 -- 2D-DIGE Analysis of Eye Lens Proteins as a Measure of Cataract Formation / Paul C. Guest, pages 427-437 -- Mass Spectrometry Profiling of Pituitary Glands / Divya Krishnamurthy, Hassan Rahmoune, Paul C. Guest, pages 439-447 -- Multiplex Immunoassay Profiling of Hormones Involved in Metabolic Regulation / Laurie Stephen, Paul C. Guest, pages 449-456 -- Time-Resolved Fluorescence Assays for Quantification of Insulin Precursors in Plasma and Serum / Kevin Taylor, Ian Halsall, Paul C. Guest, Keith Burling, pages 457-465 -- Identification of Neural Stem Cell Biomarkers by Isobaric Tagging for Relative and Absolute Quantitation (iTRAQ) Mass Spectrometry / Paul C. Guest, pages 467-476 -- Lab-on-a-Chip Device for Rapid Measurement of Vitamin D Levels / Harald Peter, Nikitas Bistolas, Soeren Schumacher, Cecilia Laurisch, Paul C. Guest, Ulrich Höller ... et al., pages 477-486 -- Kidney Smartphone Diagnostics / P. R. Matías-García, J. L. Martinez-Hurtado, pages 487-498 -- A User-Friendly App for Blood Coagulation Disorders / Johannes Vegt, Paul C. Guest, pages 499-504 -- Hormonal Smartphone Diagnostics / P. R. Matías-García, J. L. Martinez-Hurtado, A. Beckley, M. Schmidmayr, V. Seifert-Klauss, pages 505-515.
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