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    edited by Christophe Dessimoz, Nives Škunca.
    Primer on Ontologies -- The Gene Ontology and the Meaning of Biological Function -- Primer on the Gene Ontology -- Best Practices in Manual Annotation with the Gene Ontology -- Computational Methods for Annotation Transfers from Sequence -- Text Mining to Support Gene Ontology Curation and Vice Versa -- How Does the Scientific Community Contribute to Gene Ontology? -- Evaluating Computational Gene Ontology Annotations -- Evaluating Functional Annotations of Enzymes Using the Gene Ontology -- Community-Based Evaluation of Computational Function Prediction -- Get GO!: Retrieving GO Data Using AmiGO, QuickGO, API, Files, and Tools -- Semantic Similarity in the Gene Ontology -- Gene-Category Analysis -- Gene Ontology: Pitfalls, Biases, and Remedies -- Visualizing GO Annotations -- A Gene Ontology Tutorial in Python -- Annotation Extensions -- The Evidence and Conclusion Ontology (ECO): Supporting GO Annotations -- Complementary Sources of Protein Functional Information: The Far Side of GO -- Integrating Bio-Ontologies and Controlled Clinical Terminologies: From Base Pairs to Bedside Phenotypes -- The Vision and Challenges of the Gene Ontology.
    Digital Access  Springer 2017