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    edited by Takashi Sado.
    Screening for factors involved in X chromosome inactivation using haploid ESCs / Asun Monfort, Giulio Di Minin, and Anton Wutz -- Unbiased genetic screen to identify factors involved in X-chromosome inactivation using a pooled bar-coded shRNA library / Benoit Moindrot and Neil Brockdorff -- ChIRP-MS : RNA-directed proteomic discovery / Ci Chu and Howard Y. Chang -- Manipulation of Xist imprinting in mouse preimplantation embryos / Atsushi Fukuda, Akihiro Umezawa, and Hidenori Akutsu-- Somatic cell nuclear transferin mice : basic protocol and its modification for correcting X chromosome inactivation status / Kimiko Inoue, Shogo Matoba, and Atsuo Ogura -- Live imaging of Xist RNA / Osamu Masui, Edith Heard, and Haruhiko Koseki -- Live imaging of X-chromosome inactivation and reactivation kinetics / Shin Kobayashi -- Visualizing the dynamics of inactive X chromosomes in living cells using antibody-based fluorescent probes / Yuko Sato, Timothy J. Stasevich, and Hiroshi Kimura -- Visualization of hidden epitopes at the inactive X chromosome / Emma R. Stewart and Dawn Coverley -- Chromosome spread analyses of meiotic sex chromosome inactivation / Kris G. Alavattam, Hironori Abe, Akihiko Sakashita, and Satoshi H. Namekawa -- Simultaneous RNA-DNA FISH in mouse preimplantation embryos / Aristea Magaraki, Agnese Loda, Joost Gribnau, and Willy M. Baarends -- Combined immunofluorescence, RNA FISH, and DNA FISH in preimplantation mouse embryos / Ikuhiro Okamoto -- RNA-FISH and immunofluorescence of mouse preimplantation and postimplantation embryos / Hirosuke Shiura, Yuka Sakata, Kuniya Abe, and Takashi Sado -- Experimental analysis of imprinted mouse X-chromosome inactivation / Marissa Cloutier, Clair Harris, Srimonta Gayen, Emily Maclary, and Sundeep Kalantry -- X-chromosome inactivation and escape from X inactivation in mouse / Wenxiu Ma, Giancarlo Bonora, Joel B. Berletch, Xinxian Deng, William S. Noble, and Christine M. Disteche -- Practical analysis of Hi-C data : generating A/B compartment profiles / Hisashi Miura, Rawin Poonperm, Saori Takahashi, and Ichiro Hiratani.
    Digital Access  Springer 2018