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    edited by Ramona G. Dumitrescu, Mukesh Verma.
    Early epigenetic markers for precision medicine / Ramona G. Dumitrescu -- Interplay between genetic and epigenetic changes in breast cancer subtypes / Ramona G. Dumitrescu -- Role of microbiome in carcinogenesis process and epigenetic regulation of colorectal cancer / Lulu Farhana, Hirendra Nath Banerjee, Mukesh Verma, and Adhip P.N. Majumdar -- Epigenome-based precision medicine in lung cancer / Dongho Kim and Duk-Hwan Kim -- Epigenetics in hematological malignancies / Nataly Cruz-Rodriguez, Alba L. Combita, and Jovanny Zabaleta -- MicroRNAs role in prostate cancer / Ovidiu Balacescu, Ramona G. Dumitrescu, and Catalin Marian -- Effects of dietary nutrients on epigenetic changes in cancer / Nicoleta Andreescu, Maria Puiu, and Mihai Niculescu -- Diet, microbiome, and epigenetics in the era of precision medicine / Gabriela Riscuta, Dan Xi, Dudith Pierre-Victor, Pamela Starke-Reed, Jag Khalsa, and Linda Duffy -- Alcohol-induced epigenetic changes in cancer / Ramona G. Dumitrescu -- Epigenetic basis of circadian rhythm disruption in cancer / Edyta Reszka and Shanbeh Zienolddiny -- Epigenetic changes of the immune system with role in tumor development / Irina Daniela Florea and Christina Karaoulani -- DNA methylation as a biomarker of aging in epidemiologic studies / Unhee Lim and Min-Ae Song -- Challenges and opportunities in social epigenomics and cancer / Krishna Banaudha, Vineet Kumar, and Mukesh Verma -- Epigenetic and genetic regulation of PDCD1 gene in cancer immunology / Alok Mishra and Mukesh Verma -- Methylation and microRNA profiling to understand racial disparities of prostate cancer / Hirendra Nath Banerjee, William Kahan, Vineet Kumar, and Mukesh Verma -- Analysis of DNA hypermethylation in pancreatic cancer using methylation-specific PCR and bisulfite sequencing / Bin Liu and Christian Pilarsky -- Pyrosequencing methylation analysis / Matthew Poulin, Jeffrey Y. Zhou, Liying Yan, and Toshi Shioda.
    Digital Access  Springer 2018