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    edited by Thibault Mayor, Gary Kleiger.
    Characterization of RING-between-RING E3 ubiquitin transfer mechanisms / Katherine H. Reiter and Rachel E. Klevit -- Single-turnover RING/U-Box E3-mediated lysine discharge assays / Lori Buetow, Mads Gabrielsen, and Danny T. Huang -- Methods for NAD-dependent ubiquitination catalyzed by Legionella pneumophila effector proteins / Jiazhang Qiu and Zhao-Qing Luo -- Using in vitro ubiquitylation assays to estimate the affinities of ubiquitin-conjugating enzymes for their ubiquitin ligase partners / Spencer Hill, Connor Hill, and Gary Kleiger -- Competition assay for measuring deubiquitinating enzyme substrate affinity / Michael T. Morgan and Cynthia Wolberger -- Enzymatic assembly of ubiquitin chains / Martin A. Michel, David Komander, and Paul R. Elliott -- Ubiquitin-activated interaction traps (UBAITs) : tools for capturing protein-protein interactions / Hazel F. O'Connor, Caleb D. Swaim, Larissa A. Canadeo, and Jon M. Huibregtse -- Generating intracellular modulators of E3 ligases and deubiquitinases from phage-displayed ubiquitin variant libraries / Wei Zhang and Sachdev S. Sidhu -- Integrated proteogenomic approach for identifying degradation motifs in eukaryotic cells / Yifat Geffen, Alon Appleboim, Richard G. Gardner, and Tommer Ravid -- Method to monitor protein turnover by flow cytometry and to screen for factors that control degradation by fluorescence-activated cell sorting / Sophie A. Comyn and Thibault Mayor -- E. coli-based selection and expression systems for discovery, characterization, and purification of ubiquitylated proteins / Olga Levin-Kravets, Tal Keren-Kaplan, Ilan Attali, Itai Sharon, Neta Tanner, Dar Shapira, Ritu Rathi, Avinash Persaud, Noa Shohat, Anna Shusterman, and Gali Prag -- Strategies to trap enzyme-substrate complexes that mimic michaelis intermediates during E3-mediated ubiquitin-like protein ligation / Frederick C. Streich Jr. and Christopher D. Lima -- Small-angle x-ray scattering for the study of proteins in the ubiquitin pathway / Jean-Francois Trempe and Kalle Gehring -- Methods for preparing cryo-EM grids of large macromolecular complexes / Leifu Chang and David Barford -- Recombinant expression, unnatural amino acid incorporation, and site-specific labeling of 26S proteasomal subcomplexes / Jared A.M. Bard and Andreas Martin -- Native gel approaches in studying proteasome assembly and chaperones / Jeroen Roelofs, Anjana Suppahia, Kenrick A. Waite, and Soyeon Park -- Measuring the overall rate of protein breakdown in cells and the contributions of the ubiquitin-proteasome and autophagy-lysosomal pathways / Zhe Sha, Jinghui Zhao, and Alfred L. Goldberg -- Methods to rapidly prepare mammalian 26S proteasomes for biochemical analysis / Chueh-Ling Kuo, Galen Andrew Collins, and Alfred L. Goldberg -- Measurement of the multiple activities of 26S proteasomes / Hyoung Tae Kim, Galen Andrew Collins, and Alfred L. Goldberg -- Exploring the regulation of proteasome function by subunit phosphorylation / Jordan J.S. VerPlank and Alfred L. Goldberg -- Scalable in vitro proteasome activity assay / Amit Kumar Singh Gautam, Kirby Martinez-Fonts, and Andreas Matouschek -- Exploring the rampant expansion of ubiquitin proteomics / Amalia Rose and Thibault Mayor -- Ubiquitin diGLY proteomics as an approach to identify and quantify the ubiquitin-modified proteome / Amit Fulzele and Eric J. Bennett -- Interpreting the language of polyubiquitin with linkage-specific antibodies and mass spectrometry / Marissa L. Matsumoto, Erick R. Castellanos, Yi Jimmy Zeng, and Donald S. Kirkpatrick -- Dissecting dynamic and heterogeneous proteasome complexes using in vivo cross-linking-assisted affinity purification and mass spectrometry / Xiaorong Wang and Lan Huang.
    Digital Access  Springer 2018