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    edited by Alexandra Lucas.
    Overview of serpins and their roles in biological systems / Alexandra Lucas, Jordan R. Yaron, Liqiang Zhang, and Sriram Ambadapadi -- Methods for determining and understanding serpin structure and function : x-ray crystallography / Brian P. Mahon and Robert McKenna -- Serpin phage display : the use of a T7 system to probe reactive center loop libraries with different serine proteinases / Lucas R. de Souza, Benjamin M. Scott, Varsha Bhakta, David A. Donkor, Darian L. Perruzza, and William P. Sheffield -- Kinetic measurement of serpin inhibitory activity by real-time fluorogenic biochemical assay / Jordan R. Yaron, Sriram Ambadapadi, Liqiang Zhang, and Alexandra Lucas -- Methods for identifying virus-derived serpins / Masmudur M. Rahman -- In vitro approaches for the assessment of serpin polymerization / Emma L. K. Elliston, David A. Lomas, and James A. Irving -- Cellular models for the serpinopathies / Annamaria Fra, Emanuela D'Acunto, Mattia Laffranchi, and Elena Miranda -- Binding of serpins to immobilized phospholipids and phospholipids in suspension / Felix C. Wahlmüller, Judit Mihaly-Bison, and Margarethe Geiger -- Viral serpin reactive center loop (RCL) peptides : design and testing / Liqiang Zhang, Jordan R. Yaron, Sriram Ambadapadi, and Alexandra Lucas -- In vivo analysis of alpha-1-antitrypsin functions in autoimmune disease models / Sihong Song, Yuanqing Lu, and Ahmed S. Elshikha -- Analysis of in vivo serpin functions in models of inflammatory vascular disease / Hao Chen, Sriram Ambadapadi, Erbin Dai, Liying Liu, Jordan R. Yaron, Liqiang Zhang, and Alexandra Lucas -- Gene delivery of alpha-1-antitrypsin using recombinant adeno-associated virus (rAAV) / Sihong Song and Yuanqing Lu -- Serpins in venous thrombosis and venous thrombus resolution / Subhradip Mukhopadhyay, Tierra A. Johnson, Rajabrata Sarkar, and Toni M. Antalis -- Next-generation sequencing library preparation for 16S rRNA microbiome analysis after serpin treatment / Juan Maldonado, Jordan R. Yaron, Liqiang Zhang, and Alexandra Lucas -- Methods for assessing serpins as neuroprotective therapeutics / Jacek M. Kwiecien -- Adeno-associated virus delivery of viral serpins for ocular diseases : design and validation / Cristhian J. Ildefonso and Alfred S. Lewin -- Serpins : development for therapeutic applications / Alexandra Lucas, Jordan R. Yaron, Liqiang Zhang, Colin Macaulay, and Grant McFadden -- Serine protease assays : measuring the enzyme targets for serpins, serine protease inhibitors / Jovil Kannampuzha, Anatharam Kalya, and Alexandra Lucas.
    Digital Access  Springer 2018