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    edited by Jean-Charles Gautier.
    Nonclinical development of combination drugs / Alberto Lodola -- Juvenile nonclinical safety studies in support of pediatric drug development / Paul C. Barrow and Georg Schmitt -- Procedures of necropsy and tissue sampling / Laurence Fiette, Mohamed Slaoui, and Anne-Laure Bauchet -- Tissue sampling and processing for histopathology evaluation / Mohamed Slaoui, Anne-Laure Bauchet, and Laurence Fiette -- Principles and methods of immunohistochemistry / José A. Ramos-Vara -- Applications of mass spectrometry imaging for safety evaluation / David Bonnel and Jonathan Stauber Part III Genetic Toxicology -- In vivo rat T-lymphocyte Pig-a assay : detection and expansion of cells deficient in the GPI-anchored CD48 surface marker for analysis of mutation in the endogenous Pig-a gene / Vasily N. Dobrovolsky, Javier Revollo, Dayton M. Petibone, and Robert H. Heflich -- Detection of in vivo mutation in the Pig-a gene of mouse bone marrow erythroids / Takafumi Kimoto and Daishiro Miura -- Use of bacterial repair endonucleases in the comet assay / Andrew R. Collins -- Automated patch-clamp methods for the hERG cardiac potassium channel / Sylvie Houtmann, Brigitte Schombert, Camille Sanson, Michel Partiseti, and G. Andrees Bohme -- Impedance measurement in induced pluripotent stem cell-derived cardiomyocytes / Emma-Jane Poulton -- Target safety assessment : strategies and resources / Richard J. Brennan -- NMR and MS methods for metabolomics / Alexander Amberg, Björn Riefke, Götz Schlotterbeck, Alfred Ross, Hans Senn, Frank Dieterle, and Matthias Keck -- Protocols and applications of cellular metabolomics in safety studies using precision-cut tissue slices and carbon 13 NMR / Gabriel Baverel, Maha El Hage, and Guy Martin -- Statistical analysis of auantitative RT-PCR results / Richard Khan-Malek and Ying Wang -- Evaluation of mitochondrial respiration in cultured rat hepatocytes / Jean-Pierre Marchandeau and Gilles Labbe -- FETAX assay for evaluation of developmental toxicity / Isabelle Mouche, Laure Malésic, and Olivier Gillardeaux -- Evaluation of embryotoxicity using the Zebrafish model / Lisa Truong and Robert L. Tanguay -- Absolute quantification of toxicological biomarkers via mass spectrometry / Thomas Y. K. Lau, Ben C. Collins, Peter Stone, Ning Tang, William M. Gallagher, and Stephen R. Pennington -- Next-generation sequencing to investigate urinary microRNAs from Macaca fascicularis (cynomolgus monkey) / Yaligara Veeranagouda, Jean-François Léonard, Jean-Charles Gautier, and Eric Boitier -- Quantitative RT-PCR for microRNAs in biofluids / Michael Thorsen, Thorarinn Blondal, and Peter Mouritzen -- Chromogenic in situ hybridization methods for microRNA biomarker monitoring of drug safety and efficacy / Barbara R. Gould, Tina Damgaard, and Boye Schnack Nielsen -- Urine exosome isolation and characterization / Jonathan M. Street, Erik H. Koritzinsky, Deonna M. Glispie, and Peter S.T. Yuen.
    Digital Access  Springer 2017