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    edited by Thomas Hoenen, Allison Groseth.
    Marburg- and ebolaviruses : a look back and lessons for the future / Hans Dieter Klenk and Werner Slenczka -- Forty years of ebolavirus molecular biology : understanding a novel fisease agent through the development and application of new technologies / Allison Groseth and Thomas Hoenen -- Ebolavirus : an overview of molecular and clinical pathogenesis / Veronica Vine, Dana P. Scott, and Heinz Feldmann -- Production of filovirus glycoprotein-pseudotyped vesicular stomatitis virus for study of filovirus entry mechanisms / Rachel B. Brouillette and Wendy Maury -- Lentiviral vectors pseudotyped with filoviral glycoproteins / Patrick L. Sinn, Jeremy E. Coffin, Natarajan Ayithan, Kathleen H. Holt, and Wendy Maury -- Modeling eEbola virus genome replication and transcription with minigenome systems / Tessa Cressey, Kristina Brauburger, and Elke Mühlberger -- Quantification of RNA content in reconstituted ebola virus nucleocapsids by immunoprecipitation / Logan Banadyga and Hideki Ebihara -- Modeling ebolavirus budding with virus like particles / Olivier Reynard and Mathieu Mateo -- Modeling the ebolavirus life cycle with transcription and replication-competent viruslike particle assays / Nadine Biedenkopf and Thomas Hoenen -- Assays to measure suppression of type I interferon responses by filovirus VP35 proteins / Priya Luthra and Christopher F. Basler -- Nonradioactive northern blot analysis to detect ebola virus minigenomic mRNA / Kristina Brauburger, Tessa Cressey, and Elke Mühlberger -- Semi-automated high-throughput microtitration assay for filoviruses / Claire Marie Filone, David Miller, and Victoria Wahl-Jensen -- Generation of recombinant ebola viruses using reverse genetics / Allison Groseth -- Luciferase-expressing ebolaviruses as tools for screening of antivirals / Thomas Hoenen -- Live-cell imaging of filoviruses / Gordian Schudt, Olga Dolnik, and Stephan Becker -- Assessment of inhibition of ebola virus progeny production by antiviral compounds / Darryl Falzarano -- Analysis of the cellular stress response during ebola virus infection by immunofluorescence / Emily V. Nelson and Kristina M. Schmidt -- Analyzing apoptosis induction and evasion in ebola virus-infected cells / Judith Olejnik and Emily V. Nelson -- Electron microscopy of ebola virus-infected cells / Takeshi Noda -- Validating the inactivation effectiveness of chemicals on ebola virus / Elaine Haddock and Friederike Feldmann -- Visualizing ebolavirus particles using single-particle interferometric reflectance imaging sensor (SP-IRIS) / Erik P. Carter, Elif Ç. Seymour, Steven M. Scherr, George G. Daaboul, David S. Freedman, M. Selim Ünlü, and John H. Connor -- Assessing antiviral countermeasures using mouse models of ebolavirus infection / Andrea Kroeker, Bryan D. Griffin, Xiangguo Qiu, and Gary Kobinger -- Evaluation of ebola virus countermeasures in guinea pigs / Andrea Marzi -- Evaluation of medical countermeasures against ebolaviruses in nonhuman primate models / Chad E. Mire and Thomas W. Geisbert -- Quantification of filovirus glycoprotein-specific antibodies / Wakako Furuyama, Hiroko Miyamoto, Reiko Yoshida, and Ayato Takada -- Monitoring innate immune gene responses in the hamster model of ebola virus disease by RT-PCR / Marko Zivcec -- Real-time and end-point PCR diagnostics for ebola virus / Allen Grolla -- Production of antigens for ELISA / Robert W. Cross and Thomas G. Ksiazek -- ELISA methods for the detection of ebolavirus infection / Robert W. Cross and Thomas G. Ksiazek -- Ebola virus field sample collection / Brian R. Amman, Amy J. Schuh, and Jonathan S. Towner.
    Digital Access  Springer 2017