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    edited by Markus Kalkum and Margarita Semis.
    Mouse immunization with radioattenuated yeast cells of Paracoccidioides basiliensis / Estefânia Mara do Nascimento Martins and Antero Silva Ribeiro de Andrade -- Heat-killed yeast as a pan-fungal vaccine / Marife Martinez, Karl V. Clemons, and David A. Stevens -- Immunoinformatics as a tool for new antifungal vaccines / Rupanjali Chaudhuri and Srinivasan Ramachandran -- Rational design of T lymphocyte epitope-based vaccines against Coccidioides infection / Brady J. Hurtgen and Chiung-Yu Hung -- Identification of fungal T cell epitopes by mass spectrometry-based proteomics / Bernd Roschitzki and Salomé LeibundGut-Landmann -- Intranasal antifungal vaccination using DNA-transfected dendritic cells / Shanjana Awasthi -- DNAhsp65 vaccine as therapy against paracoccidioidomycosis / Alice M. Ribeiro, André C. Amaral, Maria Sueli S. Felipe, and Anamelia L. Bocca -- Idiotypic antifungal vaccination : immunoprotection by antiidiotypic antibiotic antibodies / Luciano Polonelli, Walter Magliani, and Stefania Conti -- Peptide vaccine against paracoccidioidomycosis / Carlos P. Taborda and Luiz R. Travassos -- Methodology for anti-cryptococcal vaccine development / Ashok K. Chaturvedi and Floyd L. Wormley Jr -- Beta-glucan particles as vaccine adjuvant carriers / Zeynep Mirza, Ernesto R. Soto, Fusun Dikengil, Stuart M. Levitz, and Gary R. Ostroff -- Th1-inducing agents in prophylaxis and therapy for paracoccidioidomycosis / Thiago Aparecido da Silva, Fabrício Freitas Fernandes, Taise Natali Landgraf, Ademílson Panunto-Castelo, and Maria Cristina Roque-Barreira -- Nanoparticle-based mycosis vaccine / Swaleha Zubair, Asim Azhar, Nazoora Khan, Ejaj Ahmad, Mohd Ajmal, and Mohammad Owais -- Yeast expressing Gp43 protein as a vaccine against Paracoccidioides brasiliensis infection / Aline Ferreira Oliveira and Paulo S. R. Coelho -- Vaccination with phage-displayed antigenic epitope / Yicun Wang and Li Wang -- Preparation of an oral vaccine by proteome analysis and molecular display technology / Seiji Shibasaki and Mitsuyoshi Ueda -- Precise and efficient in-frame integration of an exogenous GFP tag in Aspergillus fumigatus by a CRISPR system / Chi Zhang and Ling Lu -- Endpoint assessment in rabbit models of invasive pulmonary aspergillosis and mucormycosis / Vidmantas Petraitis, Ruta Petraitiene, William W. Hope, and Thomas J. Walsh -- CD4+ T cells mediate aspergillosis vaccine protection / Diana Diaz-Arevalo and Markus Kalkum -- T-cell-mediated cross-protective Immunity / Nina Khanna and Claudia Stuehler -- Assessment of post-vaccination phagocytic activation using Candida albicans killing assays / Wenqing Li and Yan Hu -- Immunization with antigen-pulsed dendritic cells against highly virulent Cryptococcus gattii infection : analysis of cytokine-producing T cells / Keigo Ueno, Makoto Urai, Shogo Takatsuka, Masahiro Abe, Yoshitsugu Miyazaki, and Yuki Kinjo -- Testing antifungal vaccines in an animal model of invasive candidiasis and in human mucosal candidiasis / Esther Segal.
    Digital Access  Springer 2017