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    edited by Laura M. Cole.
    "A future amalgamation between the scientist and the clinician?" / Sarah Haywood-Small -- Fresh frozen versus formalin-fixed paraffin embedded for mass spectrometry imaging / Ekta Patel -- Imaging MS of rodent ocular tissues and the optic nerve / David M.G. Anderson, Wendi Lambert, David J. Calkins, Zsolt Ablonczy, Rosalie K. Crouch, Richard M. Caprioli, and Kevin L. Schey -- MALDI-MSI of lipids in human skin / Philippa J. Hart and Malcolm R. Clench -- MALDI-MSI analysis of cytological smears : the study of thyroid cancer / Niccolò Mosele, Andrew Smith, Manuel Galli, Fabio Pagni, and Fulvio Magni -- Droplet-based liquid extraction for spatially-resolved microproteomics analysis of tissue sections / Maxence Wisztorski, Jusal Quanico, Julien Franck, Benoit Fatou, Michel Salzet, and Isabelle Fournier -- DESI mass spectrometry imaging (MSI) / Emmanuelle Claude, Emrys A. Jones, and Steven D. Pringle -- Peptide imaging : maximizing peptide yield, optimization of the "peptide mass fingerprint" / Ekta Patel -- MALDI-MS imaging in the study of glomerulonephritis / Andrew Smith, Manuel Galli, Vincenzo L'Imperio, Fabio Pagni, and Fulvio Magni -- Hierarchical cluster analysis to aid diagnostic image data visualization of MS and other medical imaging modalities / Arul N. Selvan, Laura M. Cole, Lynne Spackman, Sarah Naylor, and Chris Wright -- Laser ablation inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry imaging of plant metabolites / Callie Seaman -- Mass spectrometry imaging of drugs of abuse in hair / Bryn Flinders, Eva Cuypers, Tiffany Porta, Emmanuel Varesio, Gérard Hopfgartner, and Ron M.A. Heeren -- MALDI mass spectrometry profiling and imaging applied to the analysis of latent fingermarks / Robert Bradshaw -- ToF-SIMS parallel imaging MS/MS of lipid species in thin tissue sections / Anne Lisa Bruinen, Gregory L. Fisher, and Ron M.A. Heeren -- Rodent whole-body sectioning and MALDI mass spectrometry imaging / Paul J. Trim -- Future in disease models for mass spectrometry imaging, ethical issues, and the way forward / Rebecca E. Day and Ieva Palubeckaite.
    Digital Access  Springer 2017