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    edited by Eric G. Schmuck, Peiman Hematti, Amish N. Raval.
    Summary: This book on cardiac extracellular matrix (ECM) features three sections, Fundamental Science, Pre-Clinical and Translational Science, and Clinical Applications. In the Fundamental Science section, we will cover the spectrum of basic ECM science from ECM's role in development, biomechanical properties, cardiac ECM influence of cardiomyocyte biology, pathophysiology of ECM in heart disease, and ECM in tissue engineering. Section two, Preclinical and Translational Science, will discuss cardiac ECM technologies in the clinical pipeline including approaches to ECM as a therapeutic, animal models of cardiac research, tracking and imaging methods of cardiac ECM, and cGMP manufacturing and regulatory considerations for ECM based therapeutics. Finally, the third section, Clinical Applications, will highlight the clinical experience around cardiac ECM including therapeutic strategies targeting scar tissue in the heart, clinical trial design and regulatory considerations, current human clinical trials in cardiovascular medicine and the role of pharmaceutical and biotech companies in the commercialization of ECM technologies for cardiovascular indications. This book provides a comprehensive review for basic and translational researchers as well as clinical practitioners and those involved in commercialization, regulatory and entrepreneurial activities.

    Biomechanical properties and mechanobiology of cardiac ECM / Michael Nguyen-Truong, Zhijie Wang
    Imaging the cardiac extracellular matrix / Michael A. Pinkert, Rebecca A. Hortensius, Brenda M. Ogle, Kevin W. Eliceiri
    Animal models and cardiac extracellular matrix research / Timothy A. Hacker
    Applications of cardiac extracellular matrix in tissue engineering and regenerative medicine / Mark C. Daley, Spencer L. Fenn, Lauren D. Black III
    Whole cardiac tissue bioscaffolds / Karis R. Tang-Quan, Nicole A. Mehta, Luiz C. Sampaio, Doris A. Taylor
    Natural sources of extracellular matrix for cardiac repair / Keith L. Spinali, Eric G. Schmuck
    Cardiac extracellular matrix modification as a therapeutic approach / Mikayla L. Hall, Brenda M. Ogle
    Extracellular matrix for myocardial repair / Jenna L. Dziki, Stephen F. Badylak
    Role of extracellular matrix in cardiac cellular therapies / Peiman Hematti
    Regulation of regenerative medicine products / Adrian P. Gee
    Clinical trial design for investigational cardio-regenerative therapy / Amish N. Raval
    Regenerative medicine venturing at the university-industry boundary: implications for institutions, entrepreneurs, and industry / Adam J. Bock, David Johnson.
    Digital Access Springer 2018