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    Eleanor Mantel, Janet S. Reddin, Gang Cheng, Abass Alavi.
    Summary: This book prepares students and technologists for registry examinations in nuclear medicine technology by providing practice questions and answers with detailed explanations, as well as a mock registry exam. The questions are designed to test both the basic knowledge required of nuclear medicine technologists and the practical application of that knowledge. The topics covered closely follow the content specifications and the components of preparedness as published by the certification boards. This 5th edition includes expanded coverage of positron emission tomography, multimodality imaging, and other new procedures and practices in the field of nuclear medicine and molecular imaging.

    Radioactivity, Radiopharmacy and Quality Assurance
    Radiation Safety
    Instrumentation and Quality Assurance
    Image Presentation and Computers
    Skeletal System Scintigraphy
    Central Nervous System Scintigraphy
    Cardiovascular System Scintigraphy
    Respiratory System Scintigraphy
    Gastrointestinal Tract Scintigraphy
    Genitourinary System Scintigraphy
    Gncologic Scintigraphy
    Infection Scintigraphy
    Endocrine System Scintigraphy
    Non-Imaging Procedures and Radionuclide Therapy
    Patient Care
    Basic PET Principles
    Multi-Modality Imaging. Appendix 1: Mock Examination
    Appendix 2: Answers to Chapter 2
    Appendix 3: Answers to Chapter 3
    Appendix 4: Answers to Chapter 4
    Appendix 5: Answers to Chapter 5
    Appendix 6: Answers to Chapter 6
    Appendix 7: Answers to Chapter 7
    Appendix 8: Answers to Chapter 8
    Appendix 9: Answers to Chapter 9
    Appendix 10: Answers to Chapter 10.- Appendix 11: Answers to Chapter 11.- Appendix 12: Answers to Chapter 12.- Appendix 13: Answers to Chapter 13.- Appendix 14: Answers to Chapter 14.- Appendix 15: Answers to Chapter 15.- Appendix 16: Answers to Chapter 16
    Appendix 17: Answers to Chapter 17.- Appendix 18: Answers to Chapter 18.- Appendix 19: Mock Examination Answers.
    Digital Access Springer 2018