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    Filip M. Vanhoenacker, Paul M. Parizel, Jan L. Gielen, editors.
    Summary: This richly illustrated book, in an extensively revised new edition, provides a comprehensive survey of the role of medical imaging studies in the detection, staging, grading, tissue characterization, and post-treatment follow-up of soft tissue tumors. The indications for and relative merits of various imaging modalities are fully described, with particular emphasis on the role of advanced MRI techniques that can improve diagnostic accuracy and evaluation of treatment response. The most recent version of the WHO Classification of Soft Tissue Tumors is introduced, and individual chapters are devoted to imaging of each of the tumor groups in that classification as well as other soft tissue masses. Numerous new illustrations of both common and rare tumors are included, providing a rich pictorial database of soft tissue masses. In addition, imaging findings are correlated with clinical, epidemiologic, and histologic data. Imaging of Soft Tissue Tumors will be of value in daily practice not only for radiologists but also for orthopedic surgeons, oncologists, and pathologists.

    Part I Diagnostic Modalities: Ultrasound
    Plain Radiography Computed Tomography and Angiography
    Nuclear Medicine Imaging
    Magnetic Resonance Imaging: basic concepts
    Magnetic Resonance Imaging: advanced imaging techniques
    Genetics and Molecular Biology
    Biopsy of Soft Tissue Tumors
    Pathology of Soft Tissue Tumors
    Part II Staging, Grading and Tissue Specific Diagnosis: Staging
    Grading and Tissue Specific diagnosis
    Diagnostic Algorithm
    Part III Imaging of Soft Tissue Tumors: WHO Classification of Soft Tissue Tumors
    Adipocytic Tumors
    Fibroblastic/Myofibroblastic Tumors
    So-called Fibro-histiocytic Tumors
    Tumors of Smooth and Skeletal muscle and pericytic tumors
    Vascular Tumors
    Chondro-osseous Tumors
    Tumors of uncertain differentiation
    Part IV Imaging of other Soft Tissue Masses
    Synovial Lesions
    Lesions form the peripheral nerves
    Pseudotumoral Lesions
    Soft Tissue Metastasis
    Soft Tissue Lymphoma
    Part V Soft Tissue Tumors in Pediatric Patients
    Part VI Imaging after Treatment.
    Digital Access Springer 2017