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    Eric Racine, John Aspler, editors.
    Summary: This is the first book entirely dedicated to exploring issues associated with the nature of neuroethics. It reflects on some of the underlying assumptions in neuroethics, and the implications of those assumptions with respect to training and education programs, research activities, policy engagement, public discourse, teaching, ethics consultation and mentoring, to name but a few areas of interest. Internationally respected and emerging leaders in the area have taken up the pen to express and debate their views about the development, focus and future of neuroethics. They share their analyses and make recommendations regarding how neuroscience could more effectively explore and tackle its philosophical, ethical, and societal implications.

    Part I: Development and History of Neuroethics / Section Introduction: Development and History of Neuroethics / Eric Racine (et al.)
    Nudging Toward Neuroethics: Prehistory and Foundations / Albert R. Jonsen
    Evolution of Neuroethics / Walter Glannon
    Toward a Pragmatic Neuroethics in Theory and Practice / Joseph J. Fins
    Born Free: The Theory and Practice of Neuroethical Exceptionalism / Fernando Vidal (et al.)
    Part II: Focus, Theories, and Methodologies in Neuroethics / Section Introduction: Focus, Theories, and Methodologies in Neuroethics / Eric Racine (et al.)
    Theoretical Framing of Neuroethics: The Need for a Conceptual Approach / Kathinka Evers (et al.)
    Neuroethics: A Renewed View of Morality? Intentions and the Moral Point of View / Bernard Baertschi
    Is It Time to Abandon the Strong Interpretation of the Dual-Process Model in Neuroethics? / Veljko Dubljević
    Neuroethics and Policy at the National Security Interface: A Test Case for Neuroethics Theory and Methodology / Nicholas G. Evans (et al.)
    Part III: The Future of Research Programs, Training, and International Neuroethics / Section Introduction: The Future of Research Programs, Training, and International Neuroethics / Eric Racine (et al.)
    Models of Engagement in Neuroethics Programs: Past, Present, and Future / Laura Specker Sullivan (et al.)
    Future of Neuroethics Research and Training / Tom Buller
    Growing Up with Neuroethics: Challenges, Opportunities and Lessons from Being a Graduate Student at a Disciplinary Crossroads / Cynthia Forlini
    Neuroethics Research in Europe / Ralf J. Jox (et al.)
    Neuroethical Engagement on Interdisciplinary and International Scales / John R. Shook (et al.)
    Biopolitics of Neuroethics / Fabrice Jotterand (et al.).
    Digital Access Springer 2017