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    Elke Mühlberger, Lisa L. Hensley, Jonathan S. Towner, editors.
    Filovirus research: how it began / Werner Slenczka -- Ecology of filoviruses / Brian R. Amman [and 3 others] -- West Africa 2013 Ebola: from virus outbreak to humanitarian crisis / Daniel G. Bausch -- Clinical management of Ebola virus disease patients in low-resource settings / Armand Sprecher, Michel Van Herp and Pierre E. Rollin -- Clinical management of Ebola virus disease patients in high-resource settings / G. Marshall Lyon, Aneesh K. Mehta and Bruce S. Ribner -- Ebola virus disease in humans: pathophysiology and immunity / César Muñoz-Fontela and Anita K. McElroy -- Nonhuman primate models of Ebola virus disease / Richard S. Bennett [and five others] -- Small animal models for studying filovirus pathogenesis / Satoko Yamaoka [and three others] -- Accelerating vaccine development during 2013-2016 West African Ebola virus disease outbreak / Elizabeth S. Higgs [and eight others] -- Therapeutics against filovirus infection / John Connor, Gary Kobinger and Gene Olinger -- Filovirus strategies to escape antiviral responses / Judith Olejnik [and five others] -- Mechanisms of filovirus entry / R.A. Davey [and five others] -- Inside the cell: assembly of filoviruses / Larissa Kolesnikova [and three others] -- Filovirus structural biology: the molecules in the machine / Robert N. Kirchdoerfer [and three others] -- Reverse genetics of filoviruses / Thomas Hoenen [and four others] -- Guide to the correct use of filoviral nomenclature / Jens H. Kuhn.